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Deal of the Week: Creepy Deals to Spooky Spots (10/25/2002)

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We're checking in with our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, for some Halloween-themed scary deals.

Are you set to be spooked?

Site59.com is a Web site that specializes in putting together last-minute travel packages. The "59" in "site59" refers to the 59th minute in a 60-minute hour. And as of this week, you could find at least three Halloween treats at prices equivalent to advance-purchase prices.

Want some examples?

How about visiting that town that's synonymous with witchcraft: Salem, Massachusetts? Site59 will take you there, and you can explore the Salem Witch Museum and visit the Witch Trials Memorial and Old Burying Point -- don't forget the Witch Dungeon! Prices including airfare and care rental start as low as $196 per person.

In Vegas, the Venetian hotel's Velvet Lounge hosts a high-end Halloween party that goes 'til 5 a.m. on Thursday night. And, a Nightmare on 54th Street party rages for three nights beginning on Halloween at Studio 54 in Sin City. The lounge will become a haunted house with stilt walkers, fire eaters, and Gothic vixens. Oh, and there's the annual Houdini séance, which is an attempt to summon the late magician's ghost at the exact time of his death. Prices begin at less than $200 per person, including airfare and hotel. That's for a short hop from LA, but it includes 4 nights lodging in a downtown hotel. You can upgrade your hotel by paying a bit more per night.

Or you can go to Miami and check out the House of Terror, a freakfest spread over two acres of the Bicentennial Park. There are a couple of other Halloween parties in Miami that the public is invited to as well. Again, site59 has details. Airfare and hotel packages begin at $299 per person.

Savvy Resources:

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Miami "I Like the Nightlife-I like the BOO-gie" trip on site59.com

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