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Traveler's Aid: Snow and Ski Report (1/11/2002)

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Diana: Snow is considered a very, very good thing by many, many people. And ski resorts all over the nation are hoping that a lot of snow will fall this year -- and make everyone forget about things like the recession, about being afraid to travel, about wanting to do anything but, well, ski or snowboard.

Well here to bring us up to date on how the ski season is shaping up -- and maybe get us in touch with a deal or two -- is our own travel expert in residence, Rudy Maxa. Hi Rudy, welcome.

Rudy: Hi Diana. Thank you.

Diana: So how is the snow this year so far?

Rudy: So far so good in Utah -- which is good for the Olympics. Lots of snow in Deer Valley, already a 57-inch base. The temperatures are cooperating, staying below freezing, and though it's already getting a little crowded, locals say the skiing is good. In fact, all of Utah is enjoying lots of snow.

Not so much the case in Colorado, this year -- where warm weather has made the below average snow wet and slushy. I talked to a one local skier who fought crowds last weekend at Copper Mountain to skate -- as she said - "between ice and rocks."

Diana:What about other non-Rocky locations? How's the Midwest and Northeast doing?

Rudy: There is very little snow in the Midwest right now. Around the Great Lakes is pretty much it. So places like Michigan's Upper Peninsula are doing good. Buffalo, as everyone knows, has a lot. But the most of the Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan ski resorts are sitting in the lodging and hoping for white.

The Northeast was really hurting until last weekend. A huge storm moved through and the big winner was Killington in Vermont. They got over 18 inches in one sweep. Now most resorts are opening and, in addition to making their own snow, more is expected.

Diana: What about deals? I know this isn't your Deal of the Week, but if people are looking for good last minute ways to hit the slopes this winter, where should they go? What's a good strategy?

Rudy: There are lots of Web sites, like onthesnow.com and snocountry.com Also, check the local chamber of commerce sites.

January is Winter Sports Month in Colorado, and just about every resort has special promotions around that. Check with an organization called Colorado Ski Country USA for more info on that.

Diana: Thanks Rudy.


If you'd like us to address your travel questions or concerns, send us an email. Or, you can snail-mail them in. The address is The Savvy Traveler, in care of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California 90007. Or call us at 888-SAV-TRAV.

Savvy Resources:

For good insiders info. on a region-by-region basis, and some good deals: www.onthesnow.com

For the most up-to-date snow reports around: www.snocountry.com

You want pictures? RSN.com has up-to-the-minute snow cams.

For info. on Colorado's Winter Sports Month, check with Colorado Ski Country USA: www.skicolorado.com

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