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Rundown for the Week of March 1, 2002

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Opening Of Show

Interview: Ed Rampell
"You don't even feel getting bit, but 8 hours later you can develop these really itchy, painful welts."
--Ed Rampell, on his trip to Nuku Hiva, part of the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia, where apparently the insects are hungry.

»Featured Music: Penguin Cafe Orchestra, "Bean Fields" from "Signs of Life"

Pattaya And Cabbages And Condoms
"I'm pretty glad sex is around too, and even though I'm spending money in the sex tourism capital of Thailand, I'm glad to know that it might make sex safer here while I enjoy the view."
--Anne Marie Ruff, on her visit to Thailand's Cabbages and Condoms, a resort and restaurant that offer beautiful surroundings -- and advocate safe sex.

»Featured Music: Tom & Joyce, "Vai Minha Tristeza"

Travelers' Aid - Frequent-Flyer Programs
--Rudy Maxa, our Travel Expert in Residence, answers the questions: Do frequent-flyer programs make sense for the average traveler? And, are you really saving money in the long run?

»Featured Music: Fenomenon, "Pacific Memories" from "Om Lounge v.5"

Local Station Break

»Featured Music: Butti 49, "Spritual Rotations" from "Future Sounds of Jazz volume eight"

Lesser-known London: A Tour with Author Peter Ackroyd
"London's always been a vandalized city... burned down...bombed down and rebuilt, so there's never any real outcry about anything coming down. As I said it's always been an ugly city."
--Peter Ackroyd, giving an insider's tour of London -- an experience off the beaten path.

»Featured Music: The Clash, "London Calling" from "London Calling"

Postcard On A Purple Umbrella
"When I'm about to get off my last train, I notice that it's raining! I grab my umbrella...What's a few pounds anyway? I'm even starting to like the color purple."
--Karin Muller, on her adventures in a -- constantly -- rainy land.

»Featured Music: Issa Bagayogo, " Nogo" from "Timbuktu"

World Manners -- Head to Toe
"The big head-foot problem is an issue in Middle Eastern and Asian countries, where it is really insulting to point the soles of one's feet at another person, and where the head is the seed of the spirit -- and is not be touched."
--Our Travel Etiquette Guru, Mary-Lou Weisman, taking us on a cross-cultural tour of the body.

»Featured Music: Solvent, " A panel of Experts" from "Solvent City"

Local Station Break

»Featured Music: 4Hero " Planetaria" from "Two Pages"

Deal of the Week: Hawaii On The Cheap
--Rudy Maxa, our Travel Expert in Residence, unleashes his Deal of the Week: a great way to save money on travel -- bargains for flying to Hawaii.

»Featured Music: Trio Electro, " Supa Max" from "Om Lounge vol.5"

Interview: Bob Duskis
"When people ask him about using Western or more modern influences in his music, and if that`s a problem, he says, 'The world evolves, music also evolves.'"
--Bob Duskis, cofounder of Six Degrees Records, on musician Issa Bagayogo.

»Featured Music: Issa Bagayogo, " Dama" from "Timbuktu"

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