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Rundown for the Week of August 2, 2002

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Tuscan Dreams by Martin Stott
Everyone talks in dreamy terms about Tuscany: home of olives, wine and simple home cooking like mama used to make. Millions of us became envious when we read Frances Mayes' bestseller "Under the Tuscan Sun," in which she describes buying and renovating a Tuscan farmhouse. But are so many foreigners now trying to do the same that the dream has been ruined? We sent Martin Stott to Florence with some imaginary dollars to see whether he could use them to set up a home there.

Family Cruise Blues by Karen Lowe
We're traveling on the theme of the summer August vacation...But when that August vacation becomes a family trip, especially when the family extends out several branches, what should have been your restorative two weeks can become an ordeal of nightmarish dimensions. The sleeping arrangements, the food likes and dislikes, the politics -- it can be exasperating. Reporter Karen Lowe took the three-generation family vacation challenge, and we're dying to find out if she survived the voyage.

Postcard: Conversations on the Beach by Karin Muller
If you want to know what people in a foreign country think of the different nationalities of travelers, don't ask the politicians or the media. You go to the hands-on workers who get closest to the travelers: the manicurists, the hotel cleaning staff, the waiters. Karin Muller got plenty of insights when she was in Vietnam by listening to the people who give massage. This isn't a formal, scientific study of travelers, country by country -- but it could be.

Interview: Doug Hoppe, Eastern European music
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Doug Hoppe has immersed himself in Eastern European music over the past few years. He set out on a quest to find interesting artists from the old Soviet Block, unknown to most people in the West, and distribute them through his Web site, xenomusic.com. Doug's here to tell us what and who he has heard.

"Koncert '98" by Lajkó Félix
"Revolution" by Wickeda
Ivan Eftimov - Piano
Matija Dedic: Solo - Part 1

Interview: Doug Lansky, Hitchhiking on Yachts
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Hitchhiking is a rule of thumb when it comes to traveling the world on the cheap. Our Vagabond Traveler Doug Lansky shares his tips on hitchhiking on yachts. He gives the finer points on talking your way onboard, as well as some good sea routes to explore.

Bulletin Board for yachters: http://www.yachtsclassified.com/
Post for crews: http://www.pacificcup.org/crew_lists/crew_list

Deal of the Week: Staying In Germany On The Cheap
Our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, unleashes his Deal of the Week: great deals on accomodations in Berlin!

Traveler's Aid: Airfare Pricing Demystified
Host Diana Nyad talks with airline analyst Addison Schonland about why it will be much easier to buy plane tickets in the future.

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