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Rundown for the Week of December 6, 2002

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Opening Of Show

Galapogos: The Ongoing Experiment by Jeff Tyler
Charles Darwin may have made the Galapagos Islands famous years ago for their unique specimens of plants and animals, but these islands 600 miles west of Ecuador are home to another experiment: as the original prototype for eco-tourism. And, the United Nations has dubbed 2002 "the International Year of Eco-tourism," we decided to check in on the evolution of tourism. Jeff Tyler went to the Galapagos to see how well tourism and conservation mix.

Real Audio Listen in RealAudio Jeff Tyler joins Savvy Traveler host Diana Nyad to talk about the practicalities of traveling to Galapagos. And, he tells us how to find a good boat tour in Darwin's paradise.

Interview with H.W. Brands, author of Age of Gold: The California Gold Rush and the New American DreamReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
The discovery of gold in California in 1848 triggered one of the most astonishing worldwide mass movements of people since the Crusades. For travelers at that time, it was much easier to sail directly to northern California from Australia, China, Peru and Russia than it was to travel from New York. Americans had a choice of either walking across the country (the poor man's route), or taking a ship down to Panama, crossing land on foot, then continuing by ship up the coast to California. Author Bill Brands chronicles the lives of individuals who traveled to California from all over the world, and gives a fascinating picture of the challenges travelers faced as they became a part of this mass immigration.

Real Audio Listen in RealAudio Savvy Traveler host Diana Nyad goes to Carson City, Nevada, once the center of action for the silver barons who started tourism around Lake Tahoe. She goes to the library and learns about the lasting effects of the silver rush from the library's director, Sally Edwards.

»Purchase the book online while supporting The Savvy Traveler:
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»The Official Age of Gold Web site:

»California Gold Rush - comprehensive history:

»Find Your Own Gold - GoldMaps.com:

»Modern Gold Mining/Panning - Shirttail Creek:

Postcard: Rendezvous with an Eclipse by Dan GlassReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
People chase all kinds of natural phenomenon. And, some people go to great efforts traveling to hard-to-get-to places to witness a solar eclipse. Dan Glass circles the globe just to see the moon block out the rays of the sun. Dan skipped this week's eclipse, which was seen in South Africa, but this postcard tells why he has traveled far and wide to see an event that lasts such a short time.


»African Solar Eclipse (December 4th, 2002) --- CNN article:

»Why Eclipses Happen:

»Upcoming Solar Eclipse Guide (2001-2005):

»Explanation of Solar Eclipses:

Sound TravelsReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
Sound Travels is a segment of the show when we play you unique sounds, recorded all around the world. Reporter Dmae Roberts brings us this story of a sound. It's kind of a "who dun' it" that she stumbled across it on streets of Taipei, Taiwan.

Travel Update with Joe SharkeyReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
United Airlines and its future is a huge topic of discussion for travelers now. After months of financial trouble, the company is on the brink of bankruptcy. Will United cut back flights? Will there be a deterioration of service across the board? New York Times business of travel columnist Joe Sharkey joins us to explain just what's going on.

Traveler's Aid: Ecotourism 101
Think ecotourism is code for "rough camping in rugged lands"? Think it means sleeping in rustic tents and eating bad food? Think it's something only aging hippies and vegetarian liberals do? Think again. Ecotourism is one of the fastest growing sectors of the travel industry, and, yes, there's an ecotour for everyone -- even prissy Republicans who drive SUVs. So what is ecotourism? Clearly, a trip to Disneyland probably doesn't qualify, but there are no easy definitions. To help us better understand what ecotourism is and is not -- and to help you find an ecotour that's just right -- Bill Eichbaum joins us. He's the vice president of Endangered Spaces at the World Wildlife Fund.

Deal of the Week: New Year's in the Adirondacks
Our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, says it's not too early to start making plans for New Year's -- and Rudy has a great deal to prove it. It's a special package just for Savvy Traveler listeners: 3 days over New Years and $50 in "resort bucks" at The Sagamore, on a private island on Lake George in the Adirondacks.

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