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Deal of the Week: Move Over Eurail Pass -- Say Hello to Busabout! (6/28/2002)

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Are you a high schooler or college student -- or someone who has adopted a younger mindset -- and headed to Europe this summer? Well, our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, has a deal for you.

Most people know about Eurail passes, and there are all kinds of plans, depending on your itinerary -- but how about the flexibility of seeing Europe by bus?

A program called Busabout has some perks the trains don't offer -- like on-board guides to the city you're headed to, and help with low-cost accommodations. Busabout serves 66 European cities, and you can hop on and off at will. There are also add-on deals for things like ferry boats to the Greek, Croatian and Spanish islands, including that capital of party islands, Ibiza. No, a case of Red Bull isn't included in the deal.

There are a variety of plans and prices. If you're under 26 years old, or hold a variety of student or teacher cards, you can hop a bus during any 6 days in a month for about 250 euros this summer, approximately $250. Ten days in two months will set you back about $380 -- just $38 per day.

Savvy Resources:

For information on Busabout, go to http://www.busabout.com.

For information on Eurail passes, go to http://www.eurail.com.

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