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Rundown for the Week of May 27, 2000

Carnival Cruisin'
Imagine you're on a luxury liner in the middle of the ocean. The wine flows freely, the food is bountiful, and it's very good. You are not required to move, ever, from your deck chair. You don't have to learn a new language, there's no connecting flights. Your luggage is not likely to get lost. So is there anyone out there who could really be opposed to taking a cruise? Find out what happens when we put a cruise skeptic out on the open seas. The Savvy Traveler's Marty Goldensohn reports.

My Buddhist Son
People often travel to find a sense of self, to discover a place or a culture that seems more like home than the place they're actually from. When they find it, some even stay. But the consequence can be leaving people at home who wonder and worry. So sometimes, the ones that are left behind find themselves traveling to rediscover those who have gone. Carole Zimmer is one such person. Her 18 year-old son Jon moved from Brooklyn, New York to Nepal to become a Buddhist monk. She sent us this postcard.

Get on the Bus
Just a few miles east of Havana, clear blue water and fine white sand adorn the island's northern coast. While tourism agencies schlep their guests in comfortable, air-conditioned buses, there is a more authentic way of getting to the northeast beaches: the Cuban "camello". The Savvy Traveler's Rolando Arrieta hopped aboard.

Finding Culture in Foreign Movie Halls
After a day spent taking in the sights, sounds and smells of distant lands, some travelers find insight, and snacks, in the darkness of the movie hall. In this postcard, Diane Richards tells us that, sometimes, nothing can seem quite so foreign as watching an American movie abroad.

Deal of the Week
Two-fer to Portugal

Question of the Week
When in Rome...

Travelers' Aid
United Airlines Merger and the Coup in Fiji

Rudy's View
Honoring a Patron Saint

Culture Watch
World Expo 2000: Hanover, Germany

Next Week
We visit Jerusalem and hear about a fever that only strikes in that part of the world.

"The Israeli asked only one question: 'Is the guy really completely nude?' 'No', said the Palestinian, 'He's wearing an animal skin.' 'Oh', said the Israeli, 'You've got another John the Baptist.'"

What happens when tourists get a little too much of the Holy Land? They contract Jerusalem Syndrome. And, if you think you've had a lot of travel hassles this Memorial Day weekend, listen to this:

"When Shackelton ran into difficulty, he was out of all communication with the rest of the planet, nobody knew where he was. If he was in trouble, there was absolutely no chance of being rescued."

Tales of the legendary Sir Ernest Shakleton during next week's edition of The Savvy Traveler.

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