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Question of the Week

May 27, 2000


This week: When in Rome

No matter how intimidating it may seem at first, one of the best ways to explore the local culture of a new place is by completely immersing yourself in the sites, the sounds, or sometimes, the smells. Why watch the locals from behind your digital camera, when you can jump right in to the middle of the action and become one.

A while back I asked you to call in with your stories about how you tried to fit in with the local scene during your travels. We got back some pretty amusing responses and learned that "when in Rome", doing as the Romans do often requires a very open mind, and in some cases . . . an iron stomach. Listen to their stories.

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Next Week: Books that Inspire You to Travel

Two-stepping it back to our side of the planet, you may have noticed from the rising mercury that summer is fast approaching. And that means time to slow down your hectic schedule, stretch out in the sun and catch up on your summer reading. But if you're like me, chances are you'll come across a book that makes you want to fold up the lawn chair, pull out your Samsonite and head back out on the road again. It's a vicious circle, I know.

Perhaps it's a vivid description of some exotic Hemingway-esque locale, or a mysterious, romantic character in some distant land. We've all read books that have gotten our wanderlust juices flowing.

Send us an email or call 888-SAV-TRAV (888-728-8728) to tell us what one book inspired you to travel.


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