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Rundown for the Week of July 8, 2000

A New Perspective on Jazz
We stop in Montreal, Canada for the largest Jazz Festival in North America. Each July, music fans from all over the world fill the city's downtown streets. They come for the hundreds of free shows but also for the ambience of an historic French city. The Savvy Traveler's Karen Kelly and her husband were among the fans this week who made their way over to the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

The Real African Experience
It's difficult to think of Africa without thinking of famine, violence and political turmoil. One country that's had more than its share of misfortune is Uganda. For years it suffered under the abusive rule of first Idi Amin and then Milton Obote. But after 14 years of relative stability, it's finally beginning to rebuild its economy, and in particular, its tourist industry. Tens of thousands of people visit nearby Kenya every year, is it time we turned our attention instead to Uganda? Savvy Traveler Martin Stott went to see for himself.

Life Aboard a Tall Ship
If you dream of romance on the high seas, swashbuckling pirates or just days of silent reflection between you and the ocean, then you've probably been following the Tall Ships on their journey to various ports around the globe. About 28,000 sailors from all over the world took part in the excitement. Among them was writer Todd Jarrell. He sent us this postcard to tell us about a particular aspect of life at sea.

Getting Groomed
The first time with a new barber is always a bit nerve-wracking, but imagine the challenge if you don't even speak the same language. Our Vagabond Traveler and international bad-hair day expert, Doug Lansky, sent this postcard.

In a Sunburned Country
Renowned world traveler and writer Bill Bryson has written a new book about Australia, our fascinating and often ignored neighbor down under. Host Rudy Maxa recently sat down with Bill to discuss what he discovered during his latest adventure south of the equator.

Deal of the Week
U.S. to Europe with friends

Question of the Week
Getting Lost

Travelers' Aid
To Tip or Not to Tip

Rudy's View
C'est la Vie!

Culture Watch
Keeping a Promise

Next Week
Hear what the wind is whispering on the Greek island of Lesbos during next week's journey.

"The land is hilly, mountainous. And much of it is covered with olive trees. They say that in ancient times, the oracles listened to whispers of wind in the trees, to foretell the future and divine the wishes of the gods."

And moving from the ancient to the modern, we hear the latest in high-tech hotels.

"Stuck in downtown Miami but longing for the Denver mountains? Dial up snow-capped peaks on your virtual window."

Hotels of the not-too-distant future in next week's edition of The Savvy Traveler.

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