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Travelers' Aid

To Tip or Not to Tip
July 8, 2000

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So after you get to Europe, say you and friends go out to get some grub. You have a great meal, the service is wonderful. What do you do for a tip? Here in the states, it's no problem: you tip a pretty standard 15 percent, right? But in Europe, isn't the tip included?

Well, it turns out the entire tipping landscape is changing. Inflation's not only grabbing a hold of how much you tip, but who and where you tip is different now too. Cab drivers still get their standard ten percent, but that's now expected here and abroad. And while tipping is still frowned upon in places like Japan, here in the U.S., you're likely to see that hand extended in more and more places where a simple "thank you" used to suffice.

So how do you do it? How do you know what and when? To get a handle on it all, I called Joe Brancatelli. He's known as the Tactical Traveler to his readers at biztraveler.com. And, Joe tells me first that while tipping has gotten a little more expensive, at least the math is easier to figure out. Listen in and find out why.

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