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Question of the Week

July 8, 2000


This week: Getting Lost

A few weeks ago I asked you to call in and tell me about the most interesting experience you had getting lost while traveling. It's hard enough following directions in your own country, let alone translating them from another language. Was that two left's, then a right, or a right then your second left? We found out that when it comes to getting lost, our listeners are quite creative.

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Next Week: Camp Stories

The Fourth of July is behind us and we're well into summer, and for many kids, that means summer camp. Sure, it's a chance for the kids to get out of mom and dad's hair for a few days or weeks, but for the child, it's an opportunity to escape the normal surroundings and experience a new place, a whole new environment. A chance to meet kids from different backgrounds and forge friendships that could last a lifetime. But more importantly, summer camp can be a benchmark experience, like taking your first steps, except these steps take you away from mom's arms, perhaps for the very first time.

Remember that first night on your own? A mix of fear and anticipation as you pulled those cold, strange smelling sheets up to your chin, wondering if you could make it to morning. But the next day did come, and so did new stories to tell about your adventures away from home.

Send us an email or call 888-SAV-TRAV (888-728-8728) and share your stories about your first time away from the nest. What was your first experience away from home and how did it make you feel?


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