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Deal of the Week

July 8, 2000

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U.S. to Europe with Friends

How many times have you dreamed about getting a group of friends or your whole family together for a European vacation? But then, the price of the airfare dissuaded you. Too bad. You could have rented a house in the hills of Spain or taken a tour of the English countryside. Well, now, US Airways is dramatically reducing the cost of getting to Europe this winter for groups.

How does San Francisco to Madrid for $408 round trip sound? Pittsburgh to London round trip for $228? Between Los Angeles and Frankfurt for $284 or Seattle and Paris for $342? Those are just some of the bargains that five couples, or any ten people traveling together, can snare on US Airways. You can fly any time between November first and mid-December. Or between January 8th and March 15th of next year. Stay at least five days and fly between Monday through Thursday. Weekend travel costs a bit more. Now, you've only got a couple of weeks to make your reservations. These offers expire July 21st. Want to check out more destinations? Call 877-US GROUPS, that's 877-874-7687, to learn more and reserve part of the plane for a group adventure.

U.S. to Europe with friends, that's my Deal of the Week.

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