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Rundown for the Week of September 15, 2000

Cairo: History's Crossroads
Cairo has played inn keeper throughout the centuries for millions traveling to and from Asia and Europe. Like travel today, the quality of the accommodations depended on who you were and how much you were willing to spend. In the final segment of our series on Egypt's capital through the eyes of historic visitors, The Savvy Traveler's Tom Verde finds us a bed for the night in Cairo of the past.

Unexpected Italy
Sometimes, the best part of a trip is the part you didn't plan. JJ Yore and his wife Mary Beth learned that lesson on a recent trip to Italy. They were excited about a hotel they'd found in Rome, the city's oldest, a place that has been hosting paying guests for more than 500 years. Of course, we told JJ and Mary Beth to bring their tape recorders and come back with a story. But what they found wasn't what we, or they, expected.

History of Airport Security
For airplane passengers it's become a rite of passage, a door frame-sized metal detector that beeps at any sign of loose change. Your carefully packed luggage gets sent down an ominous conveyer belt to be x-rayed and inspected. But there was a time when passengers could walk straight from the ticket counter onto the plane without being stopped. As Annie Wu reports, airport security has evolved as the dangers in society have grown.

Yumari: Drinking Down the Clouds in the Sierra Madre
In the remote stretches of the Sierra Madre mountains in northern Mexico, over 50,000 Tarahumara Indians reside on plateaus as high as the Rockies and in gorges as dramatic as the Grand Canyon. After visiting and staying in a Tarahumara village, near the rim of the famed Copper Canyon, Jeff Biggers sent us this postcard.

Interview: Tony Hawks
What is the strangest thing you ever found yourself doing on a bet or a dare? Well, odds are it probably wasn't as strange as hitchhiking around Ireland with a refrigerator. That's exactly what British comedian and author Tony Hawks did. And lucky for us he's written a book about his rather strange odyssey and it's aptly titled Round Ireland with a Fridge. we spoke with Tony and asked him how this bet came to be in the first place.

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Next Week

Learn about the joys and challenges of traveling abroad with your toddler. A special note to our sensitive listeners: please be warned, it's not pretty.

"There she is, the little monkey, slouched jubilantly in her push chair, dried food smeared all over her face from the lunchtime food fight. The nun looks up at me and says she's just like her papa."

Listen to the adventures of "papa", better known to us as our own Martin Stott, as he and his wife change diapers and battle spit-up throughout Italy with eight-month old Emily, their newest travel companion. All that and more during next week's edition of The Savvy Traveler.

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