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Travelers' Aid

Unexpected Deals and Cheap Olympics
September 15, 2000

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It's time for our Traveler's Aid! Listeners who last week heard us talking about the unlikely chance of a United Airlines fare sale must have been as surprised as we were when we opened the paper this week to see a full page ad of new, discounted United tickets. Terry Trippler from OneTravel.com was our master prognosticator. He became our fortune teller with egg on his face. We asked him what's going on?

United Airlines Sale:

The Details...
Travel any time of day or any day of week
Complete travel by December 14, 2000
Purchase ticket by September 22, 2000
7-day advance purchase required
Minimum stay - first Saturday
Maximum stay - 30 days
No blackout dates
No fuel surcharge
No blackout dates
No fuel surcharge

A few examples... Washington-Denver - $248 round trip (lowest was $554 round trip)
Chicago-Los Angeles - $198 round trip (lowest was $252 round trip)
Boise-Raleigh/Durham - $498 round trip (lowest was $622 round trip)

There's also a whole category of other deals out there right now. Think of these as the "Good Times Gone Bad" deals. Take Australia for instance. Everyone knows the Sydney games get under way this weekend but the bookings aren't what organizers hoped. Kathy Sudeikis is a travel agent in Kansas City, Missouri and the new vice-president of the American Society of Travel Agents. She told me that Sydney's busted hype means more deals for you and me. Listen in and find out what they are.

Savvy Resources

For airfare deals, check:

Need some Traveler's Aid? You can send me your travel questions via email. Or, you can snail-mail them in. The address is The Savvy Traveler, in care of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California 90007. Or call me at 888-SAV-TRAV.


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