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Rundown for the Week of July 13, 2001

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Samurailand by Sharon Moshavi
America is blanketed with amusement parks, theme parks, nature parks and this is the time of year when all these parks are teeming with visitors. But theme parks are popping up all over the world-witness EuroDisney outside Paris--so our contributor Sharon Moshavi now reports to us from a unique park experience in Kyoto, Japan.

Hong Kong's Martha Stewart by Judith Ritter
One of the new hot activities for tourists in Hong Kong is lunch in a private, high society home. Maria Lee, Hong Kong's Martha Stewart, sets a sumptuous table. Contributor Judith Ritter was a recent beneficiary of Maria's hospitality.

Should We Go to Burma? by Jeff Tyler
It's a troubled time in Burma-or Myanmar, as the natives call their country. We sent our contributor Jeff Tyler to this land of controversy to find out for himself how the Burmese people are living under the current regime.

The End of the Earth by Todd Jarrell
We've noticed that there's a mounting competition among world travelers as to just how remote, how exotic, a trip they can take. It's as if they're carving notches in their virtual belts as we stand around the office water cooler and listen to their dramatic tales of places few have heard of, much less seen. Such is the stark Southern Hemisphere spot called Tierra del Fuego, the last landing point before reaching the unwelcome icebergs of Antarctica. And in keeping with the political aspects of today's show, the southernmost town of the Tierra del Fuego region, Ushuaia, was known as such a desolate prison assignment that it was called The Siberia of Argentina. But the locals today affectionately call the area The End of the World and that's how far reporter Todd Jarrell traveled to paint us this picture.

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