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Rundown for the Week of September 22, 2000

Salt Lake by Moonlight
First stop this week is Salt Lake City, Utah. Now that might not sound terribly exotic but consider this: many of us have already used up our vacation time this year. Well, that doesn't mean you have to stop traveling. Why not cast about for fresh ways to experience your home turf? See that state park you see road signs for on your way to work. Maybe even see it by bicycle, or under the full moon. The Savvy Traveler's Diane de la Paz did both as she struck out to travel in her own backyard. She takes us along for the ride.

Return to Peru
While some people might have the luxury of traveling for love and romance, thers have to travel for more unpleasant reasons. Like the death of a loved one. These trips are often unexpected, jolting you out of your day-to-day life. Sometimes they force you to turn far inward, focusing on the most basic relationships you have with yourself, your family and the place that you're from. Tatiana Harrison recently took such a journey. She's kind enough to share her experience with us today.

Italy with Child
Any of us who've got kids can tell horror stories of travelling on holiday with them. It seems reassuring to hear other people's nightmare adventures. At least you know you're not alone. So when we heard The Savvy Traveler's Martin Stott, a new Dad, was taking his eight-month-old daughter Emily on her first overseas holiday, we couldn't help being mischievous and asking for a postcard.

Interview: Lucretia Stewart
There's something about travel that opens us up to romance, or more specifically, sex. It's a subject that is of great interest to author Lucretia Stewart, who has traveled the world extensively and written several books that have drawn from her own erotic experiences. She recently edited and wrote the introduction for a new travel book entitled Erogenous Zones: An Anthology of Sex Abroad. We recently asked Lucretia what she thought the connection was between travel and sex.

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Culture Watch
Korea's Andong Mask Festival

Next Week

We have a very special show coming up. We spend the day with travel writer Pico Iyer. You know him as the author of books like Lady and the Monk, Cuba and the Night, and most recently, Global Soul. We've had Pico in our studios a couple of times, but next week we travel as his guest. He takes us on a personalized tour of his home in Japan, even though Pico doesn't really think you have to go as far as Japan to have an enriching travel experience.

"My sense is that everyone has the means at their disposal to go on some kind of adventure. You can pick up a novel, you can meet a new friend, you can go to a part of town you haven't seen before"

Come inside the magical world and word of Pico Iyer during next week's journey with The Savvy Traveler.

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