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Question of the Week

September 22, 2000


This week: Lies Told on the Road

The essays we've been receiving for the Sail Away contest have been very creative. And so were the calls I got when I asked you to tell me about the best lie you told on the road. I don't know if I should be impressed or slightly frightened. Bob from Indianapolis impersonated a deputy secretary of the Department of Interior in order to slip to the head of the line at the Statue of Liberty and get a VIP tour for his entire family. Max from Arlington, Virginia was accidentally mistaken for the Prince of Morocco to get the best table in a posh New York restaurant. It seems that the best way our listeners found to ease their conscience for their lying ways was to omit certain key details when trying to talk their way into something. A few white lies sure helped William, who is a tour guide, get his entire group a table in an over-booked restaurant in Atlanta during the '96 Olympics. Other listeners pretended to be everything from psychics to wild animal trainers. Listen in.

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Next Week: Love Through Travel

So now that we know who the fibbers are in our listening audience, let's move on to the lovers. Of course, walking hand and hand with love can also bring heartbreak. Yeah, yeah, it sounds like lyrics to a bad country tune, but it's true. And if love and heartbreak walk together, they certainly make great travel companions. I mean, what better way to ignite those nomadic passions than by traveling to some exciting new place and meeting the exotic stranger of your dreams? Could this be the love of your life, or for at least the next seven to 14 days?

But alas, love can't take a holiday forever, and eventually the realities of home can extinguish those steamy dreams of romance. I want to hear about the trips you took that either began a relationship or ended one. Tell me about that special someone you met while traveling, or the heartbreak of leaving that person. Send us an email or call 888-SAV-TRAV(888-728-8728) and tell us what it was about being on the road that made the joy of your new romance so intense, or the heartbreak so devastating?


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