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Australia on the World Stage

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This is The Savvy Traveler, I'm Rudy Maxa. Bill Bryson, whose latest book is a funny and appreciative look at Australia, tells of an Australian acquaintance who came to work at an American high school in the Midwest a few years ago. One day the principal told Bryson's friend that he had to write a letter to someone in Melbourne. And since Bryson's friend was from Australia, the principal figured she could help him out.

"This might be a dumb question," he asked, "but what month is it in Australia?"

Well, everyone knows what month it is in Australia now. It's Olympics month, and I'm sure the gorgeous shots of the country on TV every night have provoked a lot of Americans to consider a visit. You know how we at The Savvy Traveler feel about anything that makes anyone want to travel. We're all for it. In fact, we want you to travel so much, we'll let you know how to enter our "Sail Away" essay contest. If your essay entry is the best we recieve, you can win a luxury cruise on a private yacht. Just go to our contest page and start scribbling!


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