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Rundown for the Week of May 13, 2000

Island Getaway Contest Winner
Finally, after weeks of waiting, we have a winner in our Island Getaway contest? Who's getting a free trip to the Caribbean? Tony Wheeler, founder of The Lonely Planet and our astute contest judge, has been studying the finalists' entries for some time now. Find out whose essay makes the cut and delivers a tropical vacation.

Madeline Island
Way north in Wisconsin, on the south shore of Lake Superior, is an unlikely paradise: Madeline Island. It's not especially luxurious. And there aren't a ton of entertainment options. But The Savvy Traveler's John Rabe says Madeline Island attracts thousands of visitors every year for two reasons: the lake and character of the islanders.

Speaking the Language
When you only have two weeks of vacation you have weigh a number of factors when choosing a destination. Will you like the food? Is the climate comfortable? How long is the flight? Many of us strive to get just the right balance between adventure and convenience. That's why the United Kingdom seems attractive. It's easy to get to, kind of like home and, most importantly, they speak the same language...except when they don't. The Savvy Traveler's Adam Fowler explains.

The Boys of Summer
Meet a group of guys who call themselves the Boys of Summer. Each year, Chris Aubrey, Ed Horowitz and Dan Collison travel to a different part of the country in search of baseball in it's purest form, the way it used to be, played in old stadiums where the seats and the hot dogs were cheap. Unfortunately, the guys have learned that such trips are no longer possible in the major leagues. So they've gone down to the minors. We catch up with them for a view from the stands in Upstate New York.

Interview: Las Vegas
To celebrate the 95th birthday of Sin City, author Andres Martinez stops by to tell us about his new book 24/7: Living it up and Doubling It Down in the New Las Vegas.

Deal of the Week
Heading to Rio

Travelers' Aid
The Euro Economy

Rudy's View
Family Travel

Next Week
We take you to Egypt to visit the site of one of the greatest intellectual institutions the world has ever known. Unfortunately, though, it's been through quite a lot over the years.

"The royal quarter was burned, and with it, most of the contents of the great library. Whatever volumes survived were placed in a sort of branch library which, unfortunately, was also razed a few centuries later."

Come along for the rebuilding of the amazing library at Alexandria during next week's edition of The Savvy Traveler.

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