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Rundown for the Week of April 22, 2000

The Extreme Side of Oregon
If you like skiing, windsurfing, mountain biking, kayaking and hiking, but you've only got a few days for vacation, then how about we take you to a place where you can do all of these activities in the same day? We're going to a bend on the Columbia River where there is no off-season for sport and the rush of adrenaline. It's Hood River, Oregon and our guide is Hal Cannon of The Open Road.

The Mystique of Belly Dancing
"A gross and indecent expression of sensual intoxication." That's how one of Napoleon's generals described belly dancing two centuries ago, during the French occupation of Cairo. Presumably, the average soldier was a bit more appreciative of the art form. Today, Islamic fundamentalists are the chief critics of Oriental dance, as it's sometimes called, yet as The Savvy Traveler's Tom Verde reports, Cairo remains the belly dancing capital of the world.

Bad Taste Tour: The Sound of Music in Salzburg
Usually our Bad Taste Tours take you to places that are unquestionably tasteless; the Paris Sewer Tour, a Urology Museum, stuff like that. But now, The Savvy Traveler's Cash Peters takes us on a perennial favorite that could be viewed as being in poor taste. You decide.

Taking a Bite out of the Big Apple
Ten years ago, our Scottish contributor, Adam Fowler came to live and work in the United States. Unfortunately he didn't have a great experience and returned home early. But recently, his work brought him back to the U.S. Find out how the country he had found so difficult to live in held up as a travel destination.

An Interview with Ted Scull
The experience of taking a cruise no longer has to be limited to all-night buffets and lounging on the lido deck. Our host Rudy Maxa interviews cruise expert Jack Scull about what these seafaring resorts have to offer a savvy traveler in the modern age.

Deal of the Week
A Walk in the Park

Question of the Week
Spiritual Journeys

Travelers' Aid
Weddings Abroad

Rudy's View
Give Me a Break!

Culture Watch
A Swedish Spring

Next Week
Come along with us as we confront our past. We travel to Skokie, Illinois, the scene of an explosive controversy in the late 1970's. That was when the Federal Court in Chicago ruled in favor of a neo-nazi group to march in a town filled with Holocaust survivors.

"We just couldn't believe it, because the U.S. was a symbol of freedom and here we heard of the Nazis coming after us to persecute us again. It was a tremendous shock."

Come along for a visit to Skokie's Holocaust Monument, a testament to the will of a small town that refused to forget.

We're also going to hear stories of the trips you've taken to come to terms with your own family and cultural history. So please join us for a trip back in time during next week's edition of The Savvy Traveler.

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