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Question of the Week

April 22, 2000


This Week: Spiritual Journeys

You know, dancing's important in many cultures. Take the Hawaiian Hula, for example. What some see as lounge-era kitsch is actually a historical step: Hawaiians use traditional hula to relate stories of the past, to teach young ones about the islands, even as a spiritual tool to pray and communicate with ancient gods.

Well, a little while ago, I asked you to call in with your stories of finding spirituality while traveling. You need to hear some of these tales.

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Next Week: Suggestions for Airlines

Although travel can be an elixir in this modern world, unfortunately, there's still the nuts and bolts to get in the way of a meaningful vacation. The 1999 Airline Quality Survey came out a couple weeks back, and the results weren't pretty. Passenger complaints more than doubled last year. In February, one in four planes came in late. All this is especially disheartening considering the airlines promised Congress last summer that they'd try harder to keep passengers happy. In fact, the only area of improvement was that the airlines lost fewer bags.

Well, instead of whining, why don't we try to do something about it? I want you to call me with your ideas for the airlines. What would you do to make air travel easier, better, more convenient? A few weeks ago I got a letter from a guy about children on airplanes, and he had some good ideas. He thought the airlines should create "kid zones" toward the backs of each plane and sell those seats at a discount. Or there should be entire "family flights" during peak business travel hours. That way people could work, or sleep, without those ubiquitous baby screams.

Send us an email or call 888-SAV-TRAV (888-728-8728) to tell us your ideas for the airlines. How could air travel be easier?


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