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Rundown for the Week of March 18, 2000

St. Patrick's Day, Butte-Style
If you're looking for the best St. Patrick's celebration in the West, with plenty of green beer and parading leprechauns, you should think about a trip to the "Ireland of the West", Butte Montana. Though Butte couldn't look less like Ireland's emerald shores, Celtic heritage runs deep through generations who originally went there to mine copper. It's a celebration Hal Cannon of the Open Road likes to attend whenever he gets the chance.

The Mediocre Milliennium Dome
You know that scene in National Lampoon's Vacation when Chevy Chase and his family stand along the rim of the Grand Canyon? They take a deep breath, nod their approval, then jump back in the car so they can get to the more important Wallyworld theme park? Well, that's kind of how the British seem to feel about their new Millennium Dome. Of course, they didn't expect much in the first place. Hear why the Brits are so underwhelmed by their newest attraction.

Welcome to Casas Grandes
If you don't like the noise and crowds of big events, and you're looking for an inexpensive getaway to a place rich with history and culture, how about hopping into your car and heading south of the border? The Savvy Traveler's Judie Fein found a hidden gem in Casas Grades, Mexico where she takes us for a tour.

100 Things to do Before You Die
Our Host Rudy Maxa thought he got around. That was until he read Dave Freeman and Neil Teplica's book, 100 Things to Do Before You Die: Travel Events You Just Can't Miss. You won't believe the wacky stuff these guys have done. Rudy finds out in this interview.

Dancing at Dawn in Beijing
Imagine dancing in China's early morning light. The steps may be not be modern but the desire to dance in China is timeless. Find out about one woman's waltz in Beijing.

Deal of the Week
Temperatures are getting warmer, but there are still some great deals on airfare to Europe.

Question of the Week
Re-living Spring Break Memories

Travelers' Aid
Airline Strike!

Rudy's View
Taking technology for granted

Culture Watch
Celebrating the upcoming Vernal Equinox

Next Week
We go to Southern California: sunshine, swimming pools and most of all, movie stars. You expect to see them everywhere you go in Los Angeles, but celebs are much easier to spot when you have the right guide.

"The house down here about quarter of a mile on the left used to be Tom Jones', it is now Nick Cage's. Nobody knows that except the records at City Hall and the maps that are up to date."

Come along as we find a road map to the stars. Maybe we'll spy someone getting ready for the Oscars. And speaking of those awards, next week we hear the films that have inspired you to travel. Then, the antidote to your stressful week. You know you had one. These days, between natural hot springs and full-service facilities, anyone can spend a day in a spa without breaking the bank. I'll tell you all about it, so get ready to relax, during next week's journey with the Savvy Traveler.

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