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Rundown for the Week of February 12, 2000

England's Not-So-Secret Garden
If you've been to London, you know it can be a pretty hectic place. It's got the arts, business, history and, as in any big city, you certainly can't blame someone for needing a quiet pocket of space every once in a while. That's why Londoners appreciate their public parks...and one of the most popular is Regents Park, inside of which is one of the gems of the city's park system: Queen Mary's Garden. The Savvy Traveler's John Rabe takes us on a tour.

The Truth about Airplane De-icing
Many early mornings, at airports in cold cities such as Boston,and Minneapolis, technicians are out in the dark and the cold. They stand on the tops of their trucks, high over the airport runway and look carefully at the bodies and wings of 747's, DC 10's, MD-11's for ice and frost. Their inspection is the first step in the crucial business of getting rid of the ice on your aircraft. Judith Ritter take us along for a morning spent at the de-icing center at Dorval Airport in Montreal, Quebec.

The Quest for Maubi
A postcard from one woman who found may have found the key to romance in the Caribbean.

African Heritage Tour Interview
Jon Haggins is an acknowledged African heritage travel expert who's been leading tours to Africa, South America and the Caribbean for the past 20 years. When Jon stopped by our studios, I asked him how he defines an African Heritage Tour.

Deal of the Week
See the U.S. for Lots Less

Question of the Week
Romantic Roads

Travelers' Aid
Traveling with Pets

Rudy's View
Mr. Valentine's Day

Culture Watch
Making Merry at Mardi Gras

Next Week
Next week is something really special. We travel to China and hear how the ancient and modern world are locked in a complex dance of negotiation. For instance, the roads...they're apparently are very well paved, very easy to navigate...except when some of farmers get involved.

"They spread their rice over the road to make you drive over it and break open the kernels. And worse, when the rice is drying there, they put big rocks around, forcing you into the oncoming lane."

Navigating the twists and turns of China ...where we see the sights, meet the people and hear the music.

"The Old Jazz Band is aging but crafty. They play New York, New York for the Americans, Waltzing Mathilda for the Aussies, oompah for the Germans."

Jazz -- the Shanghai way and some of the more authentic sounds too. Napoleon once said that "China is a sleeping giant. Let her lie and sleep, for when she awakens she will astonish the world." Prepare to be astonished when we take an extraordinary journey through China during next week's edition of The Savvy Traveler.

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