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Question of the Week

February 12, 2000


This Week: Romantic Roads

Sometimes the places that are the most romantic are the ones that you stumble across, rather than look for...like romance itself. Seems like most times, it happens when you least expect it, especially when you travel.

  • Kathleen called in from Torrance, Californiaand it turns out she didn't even wait to get on board the plane before starting her romance.

  • Next we hear from Jerry, who found romance when had a run-in with authorities in another another exotic locale.

  • Next up is Simon. He's a British ex-patriot living in Cleveland, Ohio. Simon was traveling in India ten years ago. Upon arriving at the Taj Mahal, he ran into an American woman and, maybe it was the beautiful location, maybe it was just being in India ... but he quickly fell under her spell.

We decided to get the romance expert on the phone. None other than Dr. Ruth Westheimer. Now Dr. Ruth, it seems like more and more people are hooking up on the road. Is that a good thing?

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Next Week: Jobs on the Road

I want to hear about the jobs you've picked up on the road. How did you get where you wanted to go when the only things in your pocket were road maps and a passport? I know one guy who left Baltimore one June with just a hundred bucks in his pocket and got back in September with 107. He'd get into town, and start painting houses...or he'd wait tables for a week or two. Then it was back on the road. More of America to see.

Send us an email or call 888-SAV-TRAV (888-728-8728) and tell me: how'd you do it? How'd you work your way across the country...or around the world?


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