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Rundown for the Week of June 1, 2001

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Vernadsky Base by Todd Jarrell
First, a sailor gets a taste of how they keep the chill off on the world's coldest continent. Savvy Traveler contributor Todd Jarrell recently sailed aboard the tall ship Europa to Antarctica and the Ukrainian research base on the Galindez Island off the continent's coast. The scientists Todd met there were at the end of a yearlong tour and would leave soon - their replacements had arrived already. Still, Todd found that there is more than one kind of magnetism near the South Pole, a place with few visitors and even fewer neighbors.

Geisha for a Day by Sharon Moshavi
Slip into the backstreets of the Gion District of Kyoto, and you'll find the old teahouses where for centuries geishas have entertained their clients with conversation, song, and dance. Normally it takes years of training to become a geisha but, as writer Sharon Moshavi discovered, for a couple hundred dollars anyone can give geisha-dom a try. Sharon found that trying on a different culture isn't always the most comfortable experience...

Biking With Lewis & Clark by Barrett Golding
Contributor Barrett Golding decided on a different mode of travel for this summer. Barrett and a friend are biking the route of Lewis and Clark's famous expedition up the Missouri River from St. Louis to Fort Mandan. No, they're not actually bicycling in the river, and yes, we will be catching up with them later in the summer, but we thought we should check in with Barrett beforehand to see how the preparations were coming.

henry Mintzberg Hates to Fly
It seems the more you fly, the more fuel for your airline frustration you discover. That's what management consultant and McGill University business professor Henry Mintzberg found, anyway.

The Summer Marys by Susan Cuscuna
Some people would say it's harder to break through the old East Coast/West Coast divide (not to mention the Yankee/Old South) than to learn ancient Chinese. Well, writer Susan Cuscuna has crossed that fearful chasm - what's more, she's glad she did. And as this postcard from her shows, with a little care you could too.

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