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Deal of the Week: A Pair of Nines for a Club Med Stay (6/1/2001)

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It may be warm where you live right now, but unless you're in Florida, it may not be warm enough to take a plunge in the ocean. And if curling your toes in the sand and paddling in some salt water sounds good to you, check out the $99 per person specials now being offered by Club Med.

Five of Club Med's vacation villages are on sale-choose among Cancun, the Turks & Caicos, the Sandpiper above West Palm Beach in Florida, and both Columbus Isle as well as Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Some have clubs for kids, golf, and other amenities. Food and sporting activities are included in the price. How good is this $99-a-night deal? Well, it's normally $167 a night per person on Paradise Island, $152 in Florida, and $131 in Cancun. So you can save quite a bit. And it's good until June 29th.

For details, surf over to http://www.clubmed.com and click on the $99 specials icon. You'll see that this deal is pitched to residents of New York, California, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Georgia and Illinois. But don't worry if you don't live in any of those states - the offer is good for anyone. And Club Med can help with airfares.

A pair of nines for a Club Med stay - that's our Deal of the Week!

Savvy Resources:

The Club Med website again: http://www.clubmed.com

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