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Slip into the backstreets of the Gion District of Kyoto and you'll find the old teahouses where for centuries geishas have entertained their clients with conversation, song, and dance. Normally it takes years of training to become a geisha but, as writer Sharon Moshavi discovered, for a couple hundred dollars anyone can give geisha-dom a try. Sharon found, however, that trying on a different culture isn't always the most comfortable experience...

Geisha for a Day

By Sharon Moshavi, 6/01/2001

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Sharon Moshavi dressed as a geisha.

Savvy Resources:

If you're interested in becoming a Geisha for a day, contact:

The Hanafusa Tea House at 81-75-561-7116, Fax: 81-75-561-2023.

The Kyoto Tourist Information Center at 81-75-371-5649 or 371-0486

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