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Rundown for the Week of May 25, 2001

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Lost Luggage by Melanie Peeples
First, let's go to the Land of the Lost. No, not where your socks go on laundry day - nobody's solved that one yet. But if you're looking for where your lost luggage ends up, the place to start is Scottsboro, Alabama - home to the airlines' lost and not found store. Melanie Peeples has our story.

The Bad Taste Tour Goes to the Looney Bin by Cash Peters
Our Bad Taste Tour Guide Cash Peters has taken us to some pretty crazy locations. Given that history, we thought, "With all that work Cash has put in, this time, let's send him somewhere he really deserves to go... Let's send him to the Looney Bin."

Hong Kong Hockey Night by Judith Ritter, photos by DL Ritter
These days, with sports inspiring at least as much fanaticism as religion, it makes sense that expats bring something else than the missionaries of old. Judith Ritter went to Hong Kong recently and found a group of Canadians and Americans who founded their own sect - they call it "Hockey Night."

Dave Freeman and Neil Teplica
Dave Freeman and Neil Teplica's book is called 101 Things to Do before You Die. When they were here last spring, they highly recommended the Maja Kumayla in Alabot, India. It is the largest gathering of humanity on earth, as people come from all over the world to bathe in the Ganges River.

Waterworld by Mary Rains
Mary Rains writes us about her nearly futile search for sunshine in a very rainy southwest.

Monkeying Around by Michelle Kholos
Michelle Kholos writes us about her touching experiences with some sacred monkeys in the Indian Himalayas.

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