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Deal of the Week: Winging Around Europe for Less this Summer (5/25/2001)

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So you've read about how strong the US dollar is in Europe, and you've decided this is the summer you're going to roam around the Continent. Great idea. Here's how to roam for a little less.

If you're flying a foreign carrier from the US to Europe, be sure to ask about deals that will allow you to fly WITHIN a particular country - or within all of Europe at a deep discount. Almost every major airline offers them, but you have to buy before you leave home. You DON'T, however, have to choose your flights or destinations beforehand.

Sound confusing? It's not. Most of these deals offer coupons good for individual flight segments. Air France's "Euro Flyer" plan is three coupons, at $120 each, for travel throughout Europe. Lufthansa has "Discount Europe" - three coupons for $119 each. There are regional deals, too. Spanair's "Spain Pass" is three coupons for $195, each good for travel within Spain - $245 if you want to include a jaunt to the Canary Islands. Iberia has another similar deal for Spain. Bottom line: Check with each airline to see what's on offer.

Winging around Europe for less this summer - that's my Deal of the Week!

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