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Travelers' Aid

This Week: Surviving the Wild
April 1, 2000

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I know spring's just arrived, but you know me, I'm always looking ahead. Now, it's toward my summer vacation. Of course, one thing a lot of people like to do in the summer is go out into the wild: hiking, canoeing or kayaking in the Great Outdoors. But every year, we hear the stories about people getting lost in the Cascades, or attacked by bears in Alaska. So for this week's Traveler's Aid segment, I wanted to find out how to survive the wild.

I thought I'd go first to Jim DuFresne. He's written two books on Alaska for the Lonely Planet Guidebook series. Now, Alaska is probably the most wild of the America's wilderness, so I wanted Jim to recommend some good trips for beginners. But first I asked him how to know if you're a beginner or not.

Jim DuFresne wrote the book on Alaska for Lonely Planet Guidebooks. Now, one thing Jim didn't mention was those Alaskan wild animals. I mean, what if you're at one of those cabins, and you run across a wild bear? A Grizzly Bear? What do you do? I called up Troy Hurtubise. He's a grizzly bear researcher in North Bay, Ontario and he's invented the world's only grizzly bear-proof suit. Well, this I had to ask him about. Why would he need a grizzly-proof suit?

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