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Rundown for the Week of December 25, 1999

The Legend of Santa Claus
At this time of the year, for millions of children, Santa Claus is the most important person in the world. Anyone who climbs into Santa's boots is therefore facing a pretty tough challenge. The Savvy Traveler's Martin Stott fancied the job, so we sent him off to learn the ropes. And since it was the Dutch who brought the Santa story here to America, what better place than Amsterdam?

Duty-Free Shopping
You're in the airport, you've got time to kill, you haven't quite maxed out your credit cards this holiday season. So you wander into the duty free shop. It's not like you really need a Gucci handbag or Mont Blanc fountain pen, but what the heck, they prices are great...or are they? How do you know you're getting a bargain? We sent Tom Verde to get the real scoop on shopping duty-free.

Bad Taste Tour: The Christmas Museum
As our Bad Taste correspondent, Cash Peters has traveled places most of us would never dare...a stripper museum, freak animal farm. He's explored the world of medical oddities for the sole purpose of informing you, our listeners with good taste, of what you're not missing. But it wasn't until Cash ventured into the dark world of Christmas ornaments that we really understood just how far this man will go.

The Season of Giving
Hear about an unlikely Santa Claus in Mexico. A postcard from Carmen Delzell, whose "Letters from Mexico" come to us in care of producer Jay Allison as part of his series "Life Stories."

Renaissance Cruise Contest Winner
Hundreds of letters poured in, illustrating some of the most heart-warming and heart-wrenching stories imaginable. After a lot of debate, The Savvy Traveler staff narrowed the choices down to five finalists. We sent their letters over to Ira Glass, host of public radio's This American Life, who graciously agreed to choose the winner.

Deal of the Week
Winter Bargains to Europe

Travelers' Advisory
Disabled Travel

Question of the Week
More Taxi Tales

Rudy's View
A Safe New Year

Next Week
Writer Andrei Codrescu talks about leaving his demons behind in Cuba.

"The pretty little rooster was brought forth and he proceeded to scratch me and Miguel spit rum at my back and I felt tremendously relieved. In some way, actually, I think the thing worked."

Hear about Codrescu's enchantment with Cuba. We hear about a hotel that serves your environmental whims. And do you ever wonder about millennial celebrations of the past?

"Did the knights of the round table wear paper hats? Did Joan of Arc have a date? History doesn't tell us."

Hear what history does tell us during next week's edition of The Savvy Traveler.

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