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December 25, 1999

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Winter Bargains to Europe

Airline bookings are low not only for New Year's, but also for the early months of 2000. Which means, as any savvy traveler knows, it's your chance to jump in and get a great deal. Especially in Europe.

British Airways' holiday travel division is offering to fly you from any of its 21 U.S. gateways and put you up for three nights in four-star hotels in popular European cities for next to nothing. Fly New York or Boston to London or Paris for only $429 per person! Remember, this includes airfare and three nights in a great hotel! Lisbon is even less, at $419. Prague, Vienna and Barcelona are the other European cities on sale. Now, you have to book 14 days ahead of time. The London offer is only good until February 16th. But you can travel to the other European cities all the way until May 31st. Leaving from the West Coast? Just add a mere $150 to the total!

Europe on sale thanks to British Airways -- that's my Deal of the Week!

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The North Pole
Near Fairbanks, Alaska, in a region of the north founded on gold prospecting, the small community of North Pole is mining a much more sustainable commodity. For decades now it's styled itself as the unofficial home of Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, the jolly old elf. That's right the big guy, Santa himself. And as we hear from Robert Hannon, it's a place where Christmas never stops.


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