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Rundown for the Week of December 18, 1999

In Search of the Past
John Rabe traveled to Germany this spring to learn what he could about his mother and father, Americans who tied the knot in Berlin at a pivotal point in that city's history, but died before he could get all his questions answered. He takes us along on his journey.

Gifts for the Traveler
It's that time of year. You go to the store, stare blankly at the merchandise, and try to recall why everyone was so disappointed last year and you were still paying it off in July. We asked travel explorer Wesley Weissberg to go in search of some travel gifts for the weary holiday shopper.

Christmas in Japan
Laura Kriska sees an American holiday through the eyes of another culture.

Deal of the Week
Winter Travel on Sale

Travelers' Advisory
Carry-on Baggage

Question of the Week
Tacky Souvenirs

Rudy's View
Working on Holidays

Culture Watch
Full Moon Festivities

Next Week
Next week we take you to a place in Amsterdam where they celebrate Christmas all year round!

"Around Christmastime the museum is a winter wonderland with elves and snow-covered trees and carol singers. For the rest of the year, though, well, it's a winter wonderland with elves and snow-covered trees and carol singers."

It's time for another Bad Taste Tour...this time to the Christmas Museum in Amsterdam. Staying in that city, we're going to find out the requirements for becoming a Dutch Santa Claus. And how did the concept of travel ever get started? With the Travel Bible, of course!

"And then God separated Heaven from Hell. He called flying to Hawaii in coach Hell, and he called flying there first class, Heaven."

The origin of the vacation...and finally, a winner in our Renaissance Cruise Contest. All that and more, so please come along for the ride during next week's edition of The Savvy Traveler.

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Rudy Maxa's Traveler
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