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Rundown for the week of November 27, 1999

Pilgrim Museum
It's a holiday weekend, full of travel and history. We sent reporter Kitty Felde to the Dutch city of Leiden. She found a big piece of America hidden on a narrow back street.

Korean DMZ
On the Korean Peninsula, two countries have been at war for almost 50 years. Now it's true that a cease-fire agreement ended major hostilities between North and South Korea back in 1953, but officially, the two countries are still at war. Tom Banse recently ventured into the Korean Demilitarized Zone, the thin strip of land that divides North from South. He found a place, believe it or not, friendly to tourists, even while troops suspiciously eye each other from across enemy lines.

Cycling Ireland
I've found some of my greatest discoveries only after I stepped off my itinerary and went searching for the unknown. That's also what Joan Reinhardt Reiss and her husband did recently when they set out to find the heart of Ireland by bicycle. They wanted to get close to the people and experience the culture first hand. What they found was a country much different than what they expected.

Traveling with Kids
Remember those all those fun and happy trips, traveling with your kids? No? Well, don't worry, you're not alone. A postcard from Susan Kepner, who writes to us from Berkeley, California.

Strange Foods Interview
Okay, you can relax now, you made it through another Thanksgiving. Frankly, I like Turkey day ... it's the weeks of leftovers I can live without. But consider for a moment the alternatives. How does grilled rat sound? Or a deep-fried iguana appetizer? And for dessert? Forget pumpkin pie, pass the chocolate covered meal-worms. Mmmm! Now, these are only a few of the culinary delights sampled in Jerry Hopkins' new book, Strange Foods: Bushmeat, Bats and Butterflies: An Epicurean Adventure Around the World.

Rudy's View
The Ghosts of Road Trips Past

Culture Watch
Rencontre Trans Musicale

Deal of the Week
Club Med's Wild-Card Vacation

Question of the Week
More Seatmate Stories

Travelers' Advisory
Hiking, Biking and Hitching

Next Week
Next week, find out just how hard things are getting for the British royalty:

"We've got two gardeners whereas the garden used to have twenty-four gardeners. I just wish I could see some light at the end of the tunnel."

What's a poor lord to do? Open his house for tours! ... Want to know how keep the wrinkles out of your world weary wardrobe? And, hey, even a city as big as New York can get tiresome with a guidebook that reads like a broken record:

"I've seen the Statue of Liberty three times. I've seen the Twin Towers, the Empire State Building and Central Park."

Finding the city hidden between the sights ... that's on next week's journey.

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