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A Global Melange

A Global Melange
November 27, 1999

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American musical taste is known for its fickle nature. Why, just this decade alone we've had grunge, electronica, gangsta rap and now, Latin pop. But trends in world music move much slower...they take years to build and once they get momentum, it's hard to stop.

For the last few years, a real cross-pollination has been happening. Hip hop producers from New York are mixing it up with Pakistani Qawalli singers. Norwegian folk musicians are getting together with West Africans.

You can hear the best sounds now emerging from this global melange next weekend at the Rencontre Trans Musicale, in Rennes, France. This music you heard on the show is by Zuco 103, a -- believe it or not -- Brazilian and Dutch group slated to perform.

The Rencontre Trans Musicale turns 21 this year and, with over 100 venues, Rennes will be literally over-run by rhythm and song. Team all this with dance performances, art expos, and street fairs, and you get one cultural festival not to be missed.

Savvy Resources for the Rencontre Trans Musicale:


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