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Travelers' Aid

Trekking Around the World
November 27, 1999

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We're always getting calls asking about the cheapest way to journey around the world -- and most of the time we have some pretty good deals to tell you about. But recently, we received an interesting call from Los Angeles, where David is getting ready to go to Turkey. He wants to do a low budget trek through that country by only hiking, biking and hitchhiking. Now, Turkey isn't the best place to be right now. The country's still recovering from recent earthquakes -- but David says he still wants go.

We called a guy who knows a thing or two about roughing it around the world. He is David Noland, author of Travels Along the Edge, where he tells stories ranging from cycling through Vietnam to hiking through Uganda. I asked him if it's all that practical to hike, bike and hitch in other places in the world.

Now, there aren't any definitive answers on how to go hiking, biking and hitching anywhere in the world -- it all depends on where you go. So you might want to visit a cyber-locale first. We found a new Web site where you can schedule appointments with experts on any country you like. You're going to have to shell out a few bucks for the service, but it sounds pretty good. They'll help you plan your itinerary and let you know whether it's a good idea to travel in that part of the world, using only your wits.

Savvy Resources for Trekking Around the World:

  • If you want to talk with an expert on any country you like, go to www.guidebookwriters.com. For a small fee they'll consult with you on all aspects of your trip.

  • Lonely Planet also has expert guide books that will help you plan your hiking, biking or hitchhiking expedition. Go to www.lonelyplanet.com.

  • We talked with author David Noland. His book, Travels Along the Edge, is available at Amazon.com.

  • Another great resource for hiking and hitching is available at www.artoftravel.com. There, you can find advice from folks who actually did it.


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