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Here's the problem...in the course of a year, we've traveled all over the world...from Philadelphia to Peru...California to Cambodia. And as The Savvy Traveler staff gathered together to review all the places we've been, we got stuck wondering how we would ever cram a year's worth of journeys into one tiny hour. After a lot of thought we decided to start off with some of the places we've actually stayed. So why not begin...at the beginning...

Or, if you're one of those types that likes to know where you're going, use the following index to navigate your way through the past year on the Savvy Traveler.

Listen in RealAudio to all the audio clips: The Places We've Been

Page 1:

Airstream Dream
Vacationing: Nunnery Style

Page 2:

The New Catskills
Underwater Getaway

Page 3:

Treehouse Living
Reluctant Ecotourist

Page 4:

Lounge Culture
All Things Airline

Page 5:

Surviving the Sahara
Life at the End of the Line

Page 6:

Traveling Presidential Style
Chasing Cezanne

Page 7:

Daring to be Bare
Cambodia Explored

Page 8:

White Nights
The Melody of Marrakesh

Page 9:

Rafting the Grand Canyon


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