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Water-logged we decided to get out of the country, and head high, high up for some fresh air. Let me tell you...there's nothing like the view from a treehouse in the Amazon jungle of Brazil.

by Martin Stott

Listen with RealAudio: In the trees

If as a kid you dreamed of having your own tree house, have we got a holiday for you! The Ariau Towers hotel is the world's biggest tree house, and it's also one of the first and most successful eco-tourism ventures in South America. That's due in no small part to its owner who uses the natural surroundings of the Amazon for teaching tourists to appreciate the environment.

Visit the Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel on the web at: www.internext.com.br/ariau or www.net-expert.com/ariau

One thing we've learned absolutely throughout the year is that NO two people travel alike. Some of you love to take environmentally sensitive, ecotourist-type vacations...while others, like Mary-Lou Weissman, aren't quite so comfortable with the great outdoors.

by Mary Lou Weisman

Listen with RealAudio: Reluctant Ecotourist

"Our hotel billed itself as a model of sustainable eco-tourism: a demonstration of how to save the rainforest by luring nature lovers to pay to see it.

Ah, but could we qualify as eco-tourists? My husband Larry and I can't identify anything beyond the generic: tree, rock, vine, bug... and we have never counted birds. We are very good, however, at recycling anything with a 1 or 2 on the bottom."

You can also listen to the entire segment in Real Audio.

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