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Other guests told us about specialty travel...how to choose a cruise, options for gay travelers, women traveling alone... Mimi Sheraton stopped by to tell us about great food markets of the world. And then, there were the nudists...

by Susan Weaver

Listen with RealAudio: Baring it all

Well, think of it this way Rudy -- there's less to pack and less laundry to do when you get home...Well, beyond that I think that the people are very warm and natural and friendly and it's very easy to get straight to who a person is inside themselves. There's a lot of recreational activities available at the clubs and on the cruises, and there's just a great group of people practicing recreation in a very wholesome happy and joyous way.

Rudy: Playing tennis, playing volleyball...sometimes you want a little support somewhere. Am I wrong here, Susan?

The rules at most clubs are, you don't have to give up your common sense along with your threads. If you need some sort of covering because of sun or you feel better for some sort of protective clothing that's fine, in most clubs. It's a clothing-free, clothing-optional environment.

See...no end to the variety of information we've picked up over the course of a year. I'd like to name all the terrific people who've stopped by to amuse, inform and delight us. But I have to stop here for a moment because there is one journey we took a few months ago about which we're still receiving letters. It wasn't an easy trip...matter of fact at times it terribly graphic...forcing us to cease whatever it was we were doing and think about some of the unspeakable horrors human beings continue inflict upon one another. So, even though it's hard to hear...we're going to give you back to The Savvy Traveler's Scott Carrier and revisit... Cambodia.

by Scott Carrier

Listen with RealAudio: Travels to Cambodia

"I was supposed to go to lunch and join the tour of Le Royale Hotel with the group, but I was uncomfortable being led by the nose. So I left, and for 15 cents, got into a cyclo headed down Madovong Boulevard.

A cyclo is a goofy bicycle-rickshaw-taxi where you sit in an open one-seat buggy low to the ground, and hang your feet out in front, into the oncoming traffic which is continuous and coming on both sides. Cyclos and motorcycles in whole schools, like fish; cars and trucks marauding about pretty much at will; and the only traffic rule seems to be that the bigger vehicle has the right of way."

You can listen to the complete segment: Part One and Part Two on Exploring Cambodia.

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