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Rundown for the Week of March 5, 2004

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This Week: Our Favorite Moments

Here, at The Savvy Traveler, we're a rather tight-knot group and we get excited about, and inspired by, the stories that compose the show each week. So, for the next few weeks, all of the behind-the-scenes production staff will be telling us about their favorite moments on the show.

This week, Producer Ben Adair shares his favorites.

Cambodia: Haunted by History
by Scott Carrier

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Contributor Scott Carrier was invited by a high-end hotel chain to visit two of its new hotels in Cambodia. But this invitation was extended just months after a civil war had broken out in Cambodia, chasing all the tourists away and throwing the country, once again, into chaos. But Scott, our guide in this excursion, got out of the comfort zone and took us on a journey that was both beautiful and disturbing. It may not be the most comfortable trip you ever take -- but it could be one of the most meaningful. "It's one of my favorite and it's the reason why Cambodia is very high on my travel list," says Ben.

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Destination of the Week: The Great Outdoors

As winter begins to thaw, we have more and more dreams of really getting outdoors. Whether it's for pleasure driving to take in wildlife and scenic vistas or wilderness camping, just over one in four Americans takes a trip to enjoy the great outdoors each year. So, turn off the TV and come traveling with us.

Hike to Rock Creek Park
by Katie Davis

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As much as we like to take exotic trips on the show, explore foreign cultures, we also like to take the "Mark Twain approach" to travel, which goes something like: "You can take an epic journey right in your own back yard -- all you need is a great tree to climb and your imagination." Producer Katie Davis definitely operates within the "sometimes a short trip can become an epic journey" frame of mind. Katie directs a summer camp in her neighborhood in Washington, D.C., and her goal is to give local kids this sense of travel without having to go too far from home.

Savvy resources
"Hike to Rock Creek Park" originally aired June 6, 2003
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Beautiful Badlands
by Dave Karlotski

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The Badlands of South Dakota is one of the unique natural creations in the country, one of the untouched vistas of the American West. Home to Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse and the gold mines of the Black Hills, the Badlands reeks with mystique. Dave Karlotski gives us a taste of a place, the likes of which you could easily say you will see nowhere else on Earth. And, when Dave visits this great natural monument, he's reminded of our impermanence.

Savvy resources
"Beautiful Badlands" originally aired May 30, 2003
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Oregon Coast Treasure Hunt
by David Welch

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When most people think about the Oregon coast, they focus on things that make them want to curl up with a warm blanket: jagged cliffs battered by rain, stately Douglas Firs blowing in the wind, misty, crashing waves, buried treasure -- wait, what was that last one? There's a legend in these parts that in the late 1600s, the Spanish empire's fleet offloaded precious cargo -- jewels and gold -- somewhere north of Manzanita. Some locals believe the story -- and some with "treasure fever" have been digging for it for centuries. David Welch went in search of the infamous booty.

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"Oregon Coast Treasure Hunt" originally aired July 25, 2003
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Bad Taste Tour - International American Rattlesnake Museum
by Cash Peters

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Many people are just generally freaked out by snakes. Some won't go hiking in the woods out of fear one might slither across their boots. Some even look in toilets -- snakes live in sewer pipes, don't they?! Well, some people are fascinated by snakes, too. Snake phobic Cash Peters took a trip down to Albuquerque to discover more about serpents at the International American Rattlesnake Museum.

Learn more about Cash Peters
www.cashpeters.com: Web site for Cash Peters
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Sound Travels
Sound Showers, Oslo Norway

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Sound Travels, where we listen to a simple sound and travel the world, takes us to the Gardermoen Airport in Oslo, Norway. Why? To listen to a "Sound Shower": It's freestanding device that hangs in the terminal with a circular speaker directed at the ground to help travelers take a break from their busy journeys. Step underneath the "shower" and be bathed in the sounds of birds chirping, waves crashing on the beach, babbling brooks, or soft whispers in English and Norwegian. Be transported, while waiting for your transportation.

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Deal of the Week
Get to Fiji Cheap

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Our dealmeister Rudy Maxa is having a great time on the equator in the South Pacific -- and he has a mission to get people to the island paradises of Fiji and Tahiti inexpensively! Good thing Air New Zealand has some amazing bargains through May 27th.

Air New Zealand has cut its prices through May 27th, meaning you can get from LA to Fiji for $790, plus tax, round trip and from LA to Tahiti for $610, plus tax. The business class flight fares have dropped as well: LA to Fiji for $2,825 and LA to Tahiti for $2,700.

Virgin Blue will begin serving Fiji and Tonga -- and its prices are so low that the competition has also cut their fares, so intra-island flights are cheaper than ever!

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www.airnewzealand.com: Air New Zealand
www.virginblue.com: Virgin Blue

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