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Rundown for the Week of October 17, 2003

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Destination of the week: Oregon

Back in the early 1800s, there was one trail to the American West, straight through untamed wilderness. Final stop? Oregon. Today, for many travelers, all roads still lead to Oregon. Hikers flock to its great outdoors, and hipsters hang in its brewpubs and rock clubs. As our featured destination this week, we're going to sample all it has to offer.

Web resources: Click here to get info. on Oregon's wineries and brewpubs.

photo: McMenamins
The Microbrew as a Lifestyle
reporter: David Welch
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Sure, Portland was named as one of the top 10 most literate cities in the U.S., but that doesn't mean the folks there don't know a good beer when they see one. See, in Portland, beer isn't just something to quench your thirst -- it's an institution. Contributor David Welch takes a close look at McMenamins brewpubs, a company that has created a whole lifestyle philosophy around the malt-and-hops-based beverage.

Web resource: www.mcmenamins.com

Click here for more links to microbrew pubs in Oregon

Ashland, for Theater Buffs
reporter: Alisa Roth
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Ashland is a small college town tucked away in the mountains of southern Oregon -- so, let's just say it's not exactly an obvious location for three theaters showing plays that span the last 500 years. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival has been drawing crowds there since 1935. But as Alisa Roth discovers, the Bard is facing some stiff competition from the modern world.

Web resources:
www.orshakes.org: Oregon Shakespeare Festival
www.ashland.or.us: City of Ashland
www.el.com/to/ashland/: Guide to Ashland
www.ashlandchamber.com: Ashland, Ore., Chameber of Commerce

The Ultimate Guide to Oregon's Great Outdoors
a chat with Portland author and TV personality Grant McOmie
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Oregon may be home to hip pubs and fine wine, but its greatest resource is its expansive wilderness. Host Diana Nyad talks with Grant McOmie, a Portland TV news personality and author who has reported on the state's natural wonders for over 15 years. He gives Diana some cool ideas for day trips in Oregon's great outdoors, from Elk-feeding expeditions to snowshoe hikes.

Related media: Grant's books "Grant's Getaways: Outdoor Adventures with Oregon's Grant McOmie" and "Grant's Getaways II: More Outdoor Adventures With Oregon's Grant McOmie" are available on Amazon.com. Your purchase helps support The Savvy Traveler.

Grant's nature recommendations
www.oregongeology.com: Oregon's Coast Range
www.frommers.com/destinations: Jewel Meadows Wildlife Area
www.handsontheland.org: Wildwood Recreation Area
www.nps.gov and www.crater.lake.national-park.com: Crater Lake National Park

photo: L. Massett
Batumi Blues
by Larry Massett

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While some cities are burying their pasts under re-gentrified malls and other modern "conveniences," contributor Larry Massett shows us this isn't true for every place. Larry and his friend Alex visit Batumi, a port on the Black Sea by the Turkish border, where Alex was born and raised. Batumi has always been an outpost, the farthest reach of different empires from Roman times on. In the Soviet era, up until 1991, it prospered with booming oil refineries and tangerine groves, but now it's part of the independent Republic of Georgia -- and Alex feels that his old hometown is decaying, like some provincial capital in the Middle Ages after the fall of Rome.

Web resource: Click here to search for other stories by Larry Massett

A Look at the Dollar Abroad
Host Diana Nyad talks with Marketplace host David Brown

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If you have a trip abroad planned any time in the near future, you've surely noticed some disturbing financial news: the dollar is way down. After recent lows against the euro and several Asian currencies, word is out that the U.S. government is pursuing a weak dollar strategy. Host Diana Nyad talks with Marketplace host David Brown to sort out what this means for travelers. David tells us what a weak dollar strategy is, where the dollar will be weak, and whether it makes sense to buy your currency now if you're planning a trip to Europe or Asia this winter.

Web resources:
www.gettingaway.com: Money related travel tips
Fodors.com: More money related travel tips
Frommers.com: Country-by-country guide for credit card and ATM usage
AmericanExpress.com: Info. about foreign currency travelers checks
Listen: Commentary from Marketplace on the weak dollar strategy: Robert Reich talks about the downside of a down dollar (10/15/2003)

Music with Bob Duskis, Bob Brozman & Dabashish Bhattacharya and "Festival in the Desert"

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Bob Duskis, co-founder of Six Degrees Records in San Francisco, is our world music guide. This week, he joins us with sounds from a collaboration of guitarist Bob Brozman and India's slide-guitar master Debashish Bhattacharya, and the "Festival in the Desert."

Click here for more info. about the artists

Music in this segment is available at the Public Music Radio Source:
"Mahima"; "Festival in the Desert" - Various artists
Your purchase helps support The Savvy Traveler.

Additional artists information
www.rockpapersissors.biz: Album review and related links
www.worldmusic.net: Catalog Web page for Bob Brozman & Dabashish Bhattacharya

Interested in other music you heard on the Savvy Traveler?
Click here music selected by Savvy producer Ben Adair.

Sound Travels - Bells of Dubrovnik

Real Audio Listen in RealAudio
Contributor Julie Shapiro went to Dubrovnik, Croatia, and recorded church bells ringing. She heard them while wandering amongst the white stone buildings of Dubrovnik's Old City. When she stopped inside Pile Gate, she ran into a guy decked out in very convincing 17th Century minstrel garb: tights, knickers, lots of purple and black velvet, and a floppy, beret-like hat. He played guitar. "Big love," he'll tell you -- that's what his songs are about. Sit back and open your ears to Julie's simple sounds of travel.

Recent Sound Travels:
"Sound Showers", Oslo Norway
"San Antonio Arts Ensemble", Ancient Israel
"The sounds of work in Timbuktu", Mali, West Africa
"St. Lazarus Day," Bahia, Brazil
"Speaker's Corner," Sydney, Australia
"Singing Frogs of the Pantanal"
"Climax Golden Twins"
"The Palio, Siena, Italy"
"Mongul Music"

Click here to search for all "Sound Travels"

Traveler's Aid
Finding Cool World Markets

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Looking for bargains on authentic items while traveling? Well, our 'round-the-world rover Doug Lansky tells host Diana Nyad about some interesting markets he has discovered on his travels, and he gives suggestions on how to find the top local markets when you arrive at your destination. Doug's first suggestion? Contact the local tourist bureau.

Web resources:
Find out how to contact the local tourist bureau on the Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory: www.towd.com. For more info., visit Doug's Web site: douglansky.com.

Deal of the Week
Fall Resort Getaway

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Dealmeister Rudy Maxa is back stateside after a long stint working for European TV, and he could really go for a fall trip to a resort getaway -- like at one of 18 Hyatt resorts in the U.S. and Caribbean, from Hawaii's Regency Kauai Resort to the Hyatt Regency resort in the Grand Caymans. It's a long weekend getaway waiting to happen!

DEAL: You get 25% off the regular room rate plus a $100 resort credit that you can apply to anything from food to a massage. You can kick back and relax on the beach, or maybe go hot air ballooning, snorkeling, sea kayaking -- all kinds of fun stuff.

The resorts are also in the continental U.S., as well: a couple in Nevada, three in Southern California, four in Florida, and even Mexico and Texas boast Hyatt resorts.

FINE PRINT: The offer is good until Dec. 19th, and you must provide the offer code when you request prices. That offer code is 250FF -- as in "25 off."

The Hyatt.com link will give you resort locations and prices, which vary depending on days. Rates begin at $195 a night, not including taxes and service, with a minimum three-night stay at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort & Spa, for example. Each resort has a minimum number of nights you must stay, ranging from two to four.

Web resources:
For more info., call 800-55-HYATT and mention offer reference code 25OFF, or visit www.hyatt.com.

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