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Rundown for the Week of August 15, 2003

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Destination Italy

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Italian abroad
A trip to a foreign country is always more fun if you can speak the local language. If you're starting from zero, you can always take some prep lessons on your computer or with CDs in your car. Or, you can go directly to Italy and learn from the locals. That's what Martin Stott and Susan Van Allen did -- but in different ways.

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Italian Lessons by Martin Stott

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If you don't speak the language, visiting any foreign country can be tricky. How do you know what food you're ordering, how the buses and trains operate, or what to see and do? Well, what if you could spend the first half of your holiday actually living in the home of a language teacher, in the country you're visiting? You could study in the morning and try out your new skills in the afternoon. This is exactly what reporter Martin Stott did at the Academia del Giglio, in Florence.

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Snap Out of It by Susan Van Allen

Unlike Martin Stott, a stranger to Italian, reporter Susan Van Allen has an Italian heritage -- but she has never gone to Italy to look up any specific family members. She grew up immersed in the Italian-American culture of pasta and, as she says, "high-volume emotional outbursts." That's why she wanted to find her comfort level in "the old country," in Naples. Everywhere she went, she experienced the drama and rather loud passion that is Napoli.

Online resources for "Snap Out of It"
www.italiantourism.com: Italian Government Tourist Board
www.bbnaples.it: For bed and breakfasts, guesthouses, apartments, and agriturismos in Naples and Campania
www.initaly.com : lodging and touring info for all regions of Italy

Online Resources
Click here for more info. about learning Italian, and other foreign languages, at home and abroad

Shanghai-ed in Portland by Dmae Roberts

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Reporter Dmae Roberts is our tour guide to Portland today -- but she's not taking us to the high points. Nope, we're going underground -- literally. Huh? Well, many cities have subterranean tunnels, long-abandoned and unused. The "Shanghai Tunnels" underneath Portland are getting a reputation around the country for having historic and rather ghostly tours. Dmae lived In Portland for years before she even heard of the tunnels where sailors were "Shanghaied." She just had to go for a tour...

This feature comes from HearingVoices.com, funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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"Shanghai-ed in Portland": Originally aired on November 8, 2002

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How Will the Blackout Affect Your Travel Checking in with Rudy Maxa and Bob Mann

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We wanted to get a better understanding as to why problems such as this week's east coast blackout in one part of the country affects travel in other parts of the country. To learn more we turned to Bob Mann, founder of RW Mann and Company, an airline industry analysis and consulting company. Then Rudy Maxa tells what recourse travelers may or may not have as a result of problems they may have faced as a result of this past week's blackout.

Online resources

Music with Bob Duskis, Afro-Celt Sound System and Solomon & Socalled

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Bob Duskis, co-founder of Six Degrees Records in San Francisco, is our world music guide. This week, he joins us with sounds from klezmer/hip-hop-dance duo Solomon& Socalled and Afro Celts, a group that blends Celtic and African music with modern dance and electronic production.

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Music from this segment available at the Public Radio MusicSource:
Solomon & Socalled
songs: "Freyllekhs Far De Kale" | album title: Hip-Hop Khasene (Piranha)
Afro-Celt Sound System
songs: "The Other Side" & "Ayub's Song" | album title: Seed (Real World Records)

(Your purchase helps support The Savvy Traveler)

Additional artists information
www.piranha.de: Label Web site for Solomon & Socalled
http://realworldrecords.com/: Label Web site for Afro-Celt Sound System

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Sound Travels The Palio, Siena, Italy

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Sound Travels, the part of the show where we travel with just our ears as our guide, takes us to Tuscany, Italy. This weekend, in Siena, is a horse race like no other: a 700-year-old tradition known as "The Palio." Twice a year, Sienese feverishly celebrate this 90-second horse race around the shell-shaped Piazza del Campo. It's neighborhood against neighborhood and the rivalries are fierce. As race day approaches, members of each district, or contrada, march through the streets, waving flags and singing their neighborhood's praises -- or celebrating the others' defeat. Jack Chance was on hand with his mic.

For more information about the Palio in Siena, Italy

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Traveler's Aid Security Update

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From new security measures at the airport to how secure we feel while going from place to place, travel security continues to be a major issue nowadays. Joe Sharkey, the business travel columnist for "The New York Times," is back with us again to run down the latest happenings in security. Joe and Savvy Traveler host Diana Nyad get into how the airports are doing now, the recent shoulder missile plot uncovered at Newark, the progress of security abroad, and how businesses are reacting to security concerns.

Online resources
www.nytimes.com: Archive of Joe's articles on The New York Times Web site (registration required)

Deal of the Week Surfing for hot hotel bargains

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Ready to start planning some fall trips now? Good thing our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, has some great airfare bargains up his sleeve,

The Deal: Through next Sunday, Aug. 24th, you can book special United Airline companion fares on Orbitz.com, good for travel through Dec. 18th.

Here are a few sample fares, based on two people traveling together:
$244 between New York and London,
$322 round trip between DC and Vegas
$304 between LA and Mexico City

The Fine Print: The deals to Europe don't begin until Sept. 2, and outbound travel ends the last day of October. You have until the end of November, though, to return. And, trips to Latin America also begin Sept. 2, outbound travel ends the last day of November, and you must return by Dec. 10th.

Note: If you can, travel mid week, book early, and keep in mind that you may find a cheaper fare than United's.

Deal Info.
For more info. on Orbitz's "Around the World Sale," go to: www.Orbitz.com

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