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Rundown for the Week of August 1, 2003

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Seattle, Washington - Pike Place Market

We're in the final stretch of summer travel now, so we're heading north to an enticing city in the Pacific Northwest. You might need an umbrella most any day of the year when you visit Seattle, but once porpoises follow alongside your ferry across Puget Sound or you take lunch at a downtown open-air concert, you don't call it rain any more -- it's fresh-air mist Join us as we journey inside the city's famous Pike Place Market.

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The Real Pike Place Market by Ann Marie Ruff
For visitors to Seattle, Pike Place Market is a must-see event. The 75-year-old market is known for its fish, fresh produce and fine handmade crafts. There are rows of fresh flowers and everything from goat milk soap to fishmongers tossing giant monkfish onto ice. But the market is really a whole society in microcosm. Contributor Anne Marie Ruff went to Pike Place Market to see things from the inside, where it looks a bit different than its tourist façade: marketeers competing for stall spaces, the hierarchy of vendors, and the tang of market romances.

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The World's Best Pancakes by Jesse Kalisher
While there are a hundred reasons to visit Seattle, contributor Jesse Kalisher gives us one more: the pancakes. And, they're not just any pancakes, but the ones from The Emerald Kettle, the small blink-and-you'll-miss-it throwback of a diner deep inside the Pike Place Market. They're perfectly rich and marvelously light -- the kind that just might make you get up and move to Seattle. Be sure to follow the guys slinging fish back and forth and they'll lead you right to The Emerald Kettle, one of the few diners left where the owner still works the grill. Apparently, some people even go to Seattle for the coffee.
Check out the "world's best" pancake recipe

Resources for "Pike Place Market"
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Resources for The Emerald Kettle story
www.kalisher.com: Web site for Jesse Kalisher
Click here to search for all stories by Jesse Kalisher

Interview with Geoff Dyer: Yoga For People Who Can't Be Bothered to Do It

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Author Geoff Dyer is the breed of travel writer who prides himself as a "counter-tourist": he has traveled all over the world without ever snapping a photograph; he hates sunsets in exotic places -- too much pressure to enjoy it; and he deplores mass tourism. Geoff's approach to travel is reflected in title of latest book, "Yoga for People Who Can't Be Bothered to Do It." For instance, Geoff chose to go to Rome at the precise time in the summer when virtually the entire population had fled the city for the annual holiday. His stories take us all over the world, but his focus is more on how he sees during his trips, rather than what he sees.

Original broadcast
Interview with Geoff Dyer previously aired on February 21, 2003. Explore links and listen to the original audio.

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"Yoga For People Who Can't Be Bothered to Do It" by Geoff Dryer is available at Amazon.com. Your purchase helps support The Savvy Traveler.

Biking the Tulip Fields by Jeff Lunden

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Last spring, reporter Jeff Lunden bought a bicycle and discovered the joys of riding around New York City. So, when he started to think about a vacation, he wanted to see if he could spend at least part of it cycling. After searching the Internet, he discovered the 11-day Spring Flower Bike and Barge Tour from Amsterdam to Bruges, Belgium. Jeff realized he'd soon be riding shoulder-high through beautiful fields of daffodils and tulips. But he wasn't interested in any scaled-back bike trip of the Netherlands -- he wanted an all-day, every-day pedaling trip.

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Online resources
www2.holland.com/us/: The Official Holland Site - Netherlands Board of Tourism (N.B.T.)
www.4windstours.com: Adventure tours, bike tours in France, and Holland vacations (4 Winds Tours)

Remembering Bob Hope: an interview with A.C. Lyles

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A couple days after the passing of American icon Bob Hope, Savvy Traveler host Diana Nyad talked to A.C. Lyles, a film producer and good friend of Hope's. Lyles has worked at Paramount Studios for 75 years, where the famous "On the Road" movies were shot in the 1940s and 1950s. In those movies, Hope and Bing Crosby took us to exotic places like Zanzibar, Singapore and Bali. While the "Road" pictures really helped keep the studio open during that time, they also inspired millions of moviegoers. Lyles shares his memories working with Hope.

Online resources
www.imdb.com: Internet Movie Database page on A.C. Lyles
www.bobhope.com/indexb.html, the Bob Hope official Web site

Music with Bob Duskis, Trüby Trio & Karsh Kale

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Bob Duskis, co-founder of Six Degrees Records in San Francisco, is our world music guide. This week, he joins us with sounds from the Brazilian and Latin-infused group Trüby Trio and Indian break-beat artist Karsh Kale.

Click here for more info. about the artists

Music from this segment available at the Public Radio MusicSource:
Karsh Kale
songs: "Cinematic Reprise" & "Milan" | album title: Liberation (Six Degrees Records)
Trüby Trio
songs: "Jaleo" & "Alegre 2003" | album title: Elevator Music (Compost Records)
(Your purchase helps support The Savvy Traveler)

Additional artists information
www.sixdegreesrecords.com: Label Web site for Karsh Kale
http://www.sixdegreesrecords.com/tourdates/: Karsh Kale tour dates
www.compost-records.com: Label Web site for Trüby Trio

Click here to search for all music updates by Bob Duskis

Sound Travels Summer in New York

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On "Sound Travels," where we travel with just our ears as our guide, we're concluding our summer series of audio adventures: We had asked producers and sound artists to give us tours of their hometowns. This week, we go to New York. Sound artist Jad Abumrad says he wanted play around with the concept of New York as "organic" -- as almost a life-form that grows from the bottom up. That means the subway is the seed out of which the rest of New York grows. Jad says, everyone coming together on the subway forms the spirit of the city, and the rest of the New York soundscape takes its cue from its first breath underground.

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Traveler's Aid Traveling While Pregnant

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Listeners write in all the time with questions about traveling while pregnant -- specifically, flying while pregnant. Lots of issues come up about the safety of flying in the late stages of pregnancy. But what are they? We asked UCLA obstetrician Michael Broder to drop by to answer a few of the most-asked questions and give advice to expectant mothers. Dr. Broder says the good news is there really is no cut-off date for a woman wanting to fly far along in her pregnancy.

Online resources
http://healthlink.mcw.edu, article: "Traveling While Pregnant: Special precautions are necessary," on the Medical College of Wisconsin Web site
http://www.intelihealth.com, article: "Tips For Traveling Pregnant"
http://blueprint.bluecrossmn.com, "Emergency Checklist for Traveling While Pregnant," on BluePrint for Health

Deal of the Week Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Getaways

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Hankering for a girls night out in the UK? Well, if you have an XX chromosome or know someone who does, our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, has a rather posh deal for you: special prices on two luxury hotels in London for "girls just wanna have fun" getaways.

DEAL #1: The first to announce a deal was the swanky Berkeley Hotel in oh-so-hip Knightsbridge, just a stone's throw from Harrod's. The hotel calls it a "Girls' Night In" package. Women get a £296 nightly room rate on any Friday, Saturday or Sunday night in a room that sleeps two -- that's about $470 for two -- which is about £60 off rack rate. And, listen to the goodies included:

--In-room manicure and pedicure while sipping cosmopolitans sent up from the Blue Bar downstairs.
--Your room will be decorated with Diptyque candles, and you have your choice of any number of "chick flicks" such as "Sleepless in Seattle" and "When Harry Met Sally."
--At movie time, room service will send up a tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream along with popcorn and a malt candies.
--Each guest gets a goodie bag from Bliss cosmetics.
--Guests have access to the hotel health club, rooftop swimming pool and private sun terrace.

DEAL #2: This is the "Girl's Night Out" package, and it's offered by 51 Buckingham Gate hotel, in the also-trendy St. James neighborhood. Women get a junior suite with kitchen and butler service for packing and unpacking as well as a choice of a facial or manicure at the Shiseido Qi Salon. Want champagne and canapés in the hotel's library? How about a stretch-limo ride to destinations on your night out? Or, a Shiseido gift bag and a brunch or organic breakfast? You got it.

This one is for 2 nights and is priced at £298 per person -- about $470 -- based on four women sharing two junior suites.

NOTE: Value Added Tax (VAT) is included in both of the hotel prices mentioned above.

Deal info.
For info. and reservations for the Berkeley Hotel's "Girls Night In" package, call, (800) 63-SAVOY, www.savoygroup.com/welcome/girls/.

For information and reservations at 51 Buckingham Gate, call (877) 528-2503, or visit www.51-buckinghamgate.com.

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