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Rundown for the Week of May 23, 2003

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Opening Of Show

'Round the Cape by Todd Jarrell

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There are a few places that have earned legendary reputations for putting up resistance to mankind. One spot that has challenged survival is Cape Horn. Before building the Panama Canal, rounding the tip of South America was cause for great fear by the sailors who carried the world's cargos from the Pacific to the Atlantic. At least 800 vessels have been lost to the Horn. Todd Jarrell signed on as crew for a trip around the notorious Cape Horn. The ship Europa plunged deep into the South Pacific, heading for the Cape and then home to The Hague, Netherlands -- a 40,000-mile, 2-year voyage. Their trip was a heady mix of expectation and apprehension to honor the departed sailors -- and to live to tell about it.

Online Resources
www.nautica.it article: "Cape Horn The Terrible"
news.nationalgeographic.com article: "Wayfaring Journey Bares Stark Beauty of Antarctica" by Todd Jarrell
www.barkeuropa.com: Bark Europa tall ship Web site

Trekking Across the Sahara Interview with Michael Palin

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For years, Michael Palin won acclaim performing on joyfully warped skits about Spam and dead parrots on "Monty Python's Flying Circus." But Michael didn't always want to be a comic. Ever since he was a kid, he had another aspiration: exploring the world. He was always intrigued by the places in the atlas that had mysterious names such as Siberia, Antarctica and Patagonia. After Monty Python folded up its flying circus tent, Palin launched a new career making documentaries and writing books about his travels, such as "Around the World in 80 Days," "Pole to Pole" and "Hemingway Adventure." Michael Palin's latest book and documentary is called "Sahara" and, as you can guess, documents his travels across the Sahara Desert.

Online Resources
www.palinstravels.co.uk: Palin's Travels Web site with photos, past programs, message boards and travel resources
www.bravotv.com: TV schedule information for Palin's Travels
Purchase Sahara by Michael Palin

South African Township Tour by Amy Costello

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It may not be everyone's idea of a way to spend a vacation, but around the world, people are making room on their travel itineraries to visit places of suffering. In South Africa, an increasing number of visitors are signing up to go on "township tours." Amy Costello went on a tour of a township in Langa, outside of Cape Town -- but this was no normal tour where visitors bring fond memories of a new place back home. No, this tour presents the injustice of apartheid and the suffering of blacks because of an imposed system. What Amy did bring home was understanding of, and compassion for, a people who overcame and are trying to move on.

Reality tour information online
Global Exchange Reality Tours: Learn about reality tours and explore a list of excursions by issue or country.

A Sherpa's Journey Interview with Jambling Tenzing Norgay

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It's the 50th anniversary of the first summit climb of Mt. Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary. Since that moment in 1953, thousands have tried to reach the highest peak in the world. More than 1,700 have succeeded, and more than 175 have died. Nearly 56 of those who died were Sherpas. Sherpas are still the backbone of every Himalayan climbing expedition. They cart equipment up the icy slopes, and they climb ahead and set the ropes for the rest of the team -- they're the heroes of the expedition. Savvy Traveler host Diana Nyad interviewed Jamling Norgay, the son of Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, Sir Edmund Hillary's climbing partner, 2 years ago. He had just written a book about Sherpa life called "Touching My Father's Soul."

Online Resources
The interview with Jambling Tenzing Norgay aired on June 16, 2001. Click here to listen to the original audio.
Touching My Father's Soul : A Sherpa's Journey to the Top of Everest by Jambling Tenzing Norgay is available for purchase online.
www.nationalgeographic.com: "Surviving Everest" documentary.

Travel Behind the Scenes Adolphus Onyiante, ground operations coordinator, Jet Blue Airlines, JFK

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In "Travel Behind the Scenes," we feature people who aren't necessarily travelers themselves, but work in places where they observe travelers or the travel industry. This week, we meet a man who works the tarmac operation at Kennedy Airport. His name is Adolphus Onyiante. Adolphus immigrated to the States and now, after all these years in NY, he is still proud of his work in keeping things running smoothly at one of the biggest airports in the world.

Related media
Travel Behind the Scenes with Plaza Waiter Fred Christina: Aired April 25, 2003

Sound Travels Cicadas, dogs and frogs, Southeast Asia

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"Sound travels," the part of our show when we travel with just our ears as our guide, takes us to Southeast Asia this week. The sounds of summer are everywhere: the bullfrogs, the crickets, the cicadas. We listen to the sound of summer in Southeast Asia. The crickets are actually chirping in Laotian, the bullfrogs croaking in Thai, and the dogs barking in Burmese. It is summer and it is night and the animals sing to us.

Other Sound Travels
Camel Races in Mali, Africa; Bells of Arcosanti, north of Carefree, Arizona; Music called "Yungas", Coroico, Bolivia ; Naxi Orchestra, Northeast China; Homage to Otha Turner, Rio Carnival, Brazil

Fix My Trip The Case of the Swampy Hotel Room

When you're on the road, running around all day in an unfamiliar city, your hotel room often becomes a refuge, a safe haven where you relax -- well, usually. But sometimes, things go awry at the hotel. You could return to your room after sightseeing and find yourself standing in the middle of a swamp. It happened to Mike Brutz from Barnesville, Ga. He was staying at the DaVinci Hotel in New York and a leak in the room above turned his room into a wading pool.

Did they charge him for the room? Well, they knocked $50 off the bill, but they shrunk a pair of his wool slacks that they were supposed to dry -- and now, he's out $147.
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So, how should Mike have handled this situation? Good thing it's time for Fix My Trip, where we help people fix travel snafus. We asked our Travel Troubleshooter, Chris Elliott, to see if he could even the score for Mike.
Real Audio Listen in RealAudio (Let's hear about the solution)

Online resources:
www.davincihotel.com: The DaVinci Hotel
www.elliott.org: Christopher Elliott's Web site

Got a trip that needs fixing? Have you exhausted every possible remedy and don't know where to turn? Send us an e-mail at fixmytrip@savvytraveler.org and tell us what happened to you. Be sure to include your daytime phone number.

Deal of the Week Europe on the Cheap

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Our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, has one sweet hotel-airfare deal for us: Get major bonus hotel nights at Westin Hotels if you plan your getaway vacation by the end of the year at United Vacations, the package-tour arm of United Airlines. Click here for details and link information

Deal information:
For bmi's "Wale of a Deal," call Undiscovered Britain and Ireland at 866-508-8804. For more info on the promotion, visit the Wales Tourist Board Web site at www.travelwales.us/bmi. Check out other packages at www.trafalgar.com, or obtain a brochure by calling 800-648-1638.

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