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Rundown for the Week of March 7, 2003

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Opening Of Show

Photo: Daniel Grossman
Wathching the Penguin-Watchers by Daniel Grossman

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One of the unexpected results of the fall of the Soviet Union has been an increase in Antarctic tourism. Former Soviet ships, converted to luxury liners, now steam past the continent's icebergs and mountains -- with sightseers, not scientists. In the last decade, the number of tourists has doubled to about 15,000. Antarctic tour leaders say that number could nearly double in the next few years. Daniel Grossman, who recently returned from Antarctica, says some scientists are concerned about the impact of these visitors.

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  • www.wbur.org: More on Daniel's trip, including journal entries, pictures, sounds and video.
  • The Next Better Place, Interview with author Michael Keith

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    Michael Keith went on the road with his dad at the age of 5, when his parents divorced. He spent both his childhood and adolescence skipping across the country, from rundown rooming houses to long days of hitchhiking to shoplifting cans of sardines for dinner.

    Michael Keith has written a memoir of his vagabond youth, "The Next Better Place," the kind of story others might recount to psychotherapists as a trauma with life-long ramifications. But Michael says he wouldn't have traded his travels with his dad for a normal home life, even though they were flat broke.

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  • The Next Better Place: A Father and Son on the Road: Michael Keith's book is available for purchase at AMAZON.com
  • War Worries by Anne Marie Ruff

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    It's a rather unsettling time for travel. Our regular contributor Anne Marie Ruff is now in Abu Dhabi, the capital of a tiny, oil rich, conservative Islamic country on the Persian Gulf. Even though it's awfully close to Iraq, she feels a world away from the conflict. But when she looks at the news, she can understand why her parents might be worried. Then again, due to recent events, Anne Marie worries about her parents in America.

  • The Savvy Travelers Toolbox: A great source for travel information with a special section on travel warnings
  • Vasaloppet, A conversation with Doug Lansky

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    Doug Lansky normally joins us with tips on traveling around the world on the cheap, but he's back this week after completing the world's largest cross-country ski race, Sweden's renowned Vasaloppet. The 55.8-mile race has been held since 1922, and about 15,00 participate each year. It takes anywhere from 4 to 12 hours to complete. But don't worry, there are rest stops every 10 kilometers with bread, water and the Vasaloppet special, blueberry soup. How'd Doug do? Well, after fighting muscle spasms and dizziness, he finally managed to catch up to his Swedish father-in-law and brother-in-law.

  • Swenden.se: Official gateway to Sweden with information about this cross-country ski race.
  • Vasaloppet Week Web site

    Other Cross-Country Ski Events

  • The Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival
  • Candian Loppet Calendar
  • American Birkebeiner

    Vacation Packages that include cross-country skiing

  • Cross-country ski vacations in Montana:
  • About.com: Great place to learn about cross-country skiing, vacation ideas and other Nordic skiing events
  • Cross-Country Ski Vacations: A Guide to the Best Resorts, Lodges and Groomed Trails in North America: Frequently sited as a good resource for cross-country skiing in North America

    Mardi Gras Music, Interview with Dan Rosenberg

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    Despite nasty rain and the threat of war, Mardi Gras still rocked New Orleans this week. But Mardi Gras is about more than just drinking on Bourbon Street: There's a long history of local culture -- and certainly, local music -- at the heart of Mardi Gras. We talk with Dan Rosenberg, a man who has immersed himself in all things authentic to Louisiana. Dan is the producer of an album of music called the "The Rough Guide To The Music Of Louisiana."

  • The Rough Guide To The Music Of Louisiana: Support public radio by purchasing this music at PRMS.org
  • Lost in the Dole Maze, Travels with Cash Peters

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    Some Savvy Traveler listeners have been known to tell Cash Peters to "Get lost" after listening to his stories. So, he took their advice and went to the Pineapple Garden Maze at the Dole Plantation in Wahiawa, Hawaii. Of course, Cash calls it "the most boring and repetitious maze." Needless to say, he wasn't interested in completing it in 15 minutes to win a free T-shirt. When he tired of the maze, he rode around on a little kiddie train called "The Pineapple Express." There's even a cute little song they play while you ride it -- and, yes, Cash sings.

  • Dole Plantation Web site: Featuring the world's largest maze.
  • Sound Travels: Rio Carnival and Homage to Otha Turner

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    In Rio's Carnival, the samba schools compete, and each school's samba tells a story. The Samba school Salgueiro danced and marched in 8-foot-tall orange costumes, with seven long feathers extending from a headdress centered with gold stars. The streets are alive with color, fantasy and dancing. Amy Radil danced in Rio this year, and she sent us these sounds.

    And, another sound, another song -- this one distinctly American. We did a story about an American legend, bluesman Otha Turner, sometime ago. Otha made some intoxicating music during his lifetime -- which came to an end last week. Otha was 94. His daughter Bernice Pratcher, manager and member of Otha Turner's "Rising Star Fife and Drum band," also passed away last week. She was 48. We celebrate their version of "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!"

    Want to learn more about samba music, dance and Brazilian culture?
  • StreetSwing Dance History Archives: Samba
  • History of Samba
  • Links to Samba history Web sites
  • Worldwide Samba site

    Other links:

  • Ben Adair's Savvy Traveler segment The Picnic, about Otha Turner
  • Online memorial for Otha Turner
  • Traveler's Aid: Air Traveler Background Checks

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    Imagine this scenario: You're picking up a boarding pass for a flight out of Milwaukee, and the gate agent says there's a problem. Suddenly, two sheriff deputies arrive, tell you to collect your things, and then lead you to a room for questioning. Would the Transportation Security Administration have an explanation? We talk with TSA spokesman Robert Johnson and privacy advocate Elizabeth Schroeder,with the ACLU, for more information.

    Click here for more info.

  • Transportation Security Administration
  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • Write your representative
  • Write your senator
  • Write to us
  • Deal of the Week: Cruise Blowout Online

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    Our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, is back -- and he has been thinking about bargains on the high seas for his Deal of the Week.

    January through March is usually peak season for cruise booking, but it has been rough sailing for the cruise industry this year. As a result, there are some awesome deals to be had -- and if you head online, you can purchase these cruises at deep discounts. Click here to read all the details.

  • eBay cruises
  • Skyauction cruises
  • Icruise
  • Priceline cruise specials
  • Travelocity cruises
  • Expedia cruises
  • www.cruisemates.com
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