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Rundown for the Week of May 2, 2003

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Opening Of Show

Desert Beauty, Border Danger by Jeff Rice

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There are two things you need to know about visiting Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, located near Ajo, Ariz.: 1) Set against the Ajo mountains, you'll see endless stands of saguaros, teddy bear cactus, elephant trees and spidery ocotillos dotting the spectacular desert landscape; 2)Don't drive on Puerto Blanco Road after 6 p.m. because it's loaded with gun-toting drug smugglers. Contributor Jeff Rice went to the park to explore its beauty and danger.

Online Resources:
National Park Service: Web site for Organpipe National Park
Park Ranger Lodge: Organization that rated the park the "most dangerous" in the United States

New Face of Berlin

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A trip to Berlin means wonderful art museums, cozy little hang-out coffeehouses and the hottest boutique music cabarets in Europe. But you really can't visit Berlin without coming across remnants of the Third Reich. Reporter Martin Stott took a trip from his home in England to discover both the "old Berlin" and the Berlin of modern day to find a city that has overcome major challenges.

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After 8 years in Los Angeles, contributor Monika Mueller returns to live in an old section of East Berlin that's getting hipper by the minute. Friedrichshain is now full of art galleries, cafés, bars and salons housed amid old communist-era signs and facades. Monika explores an unpretentious, friendly and cheap night out in her new city.

Online Resources:
www.insidertour.com: Berlin insider walks and bike tours
www.archetours.com: Web site, Building the New City
http://www.2camels.com/destination11.php3: Berin's Love Parade
The Vanishing Wall: Berlin Wall photo galleries, Web links and historical overview

Spa Tour Bliss Spa, New York; Mandarin Oriental Miami, Florida

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The stress of travel melts away for host Diana Nyad as she gets pampered at two luxurious spas: The Bliss Spa in New York City and the Mandarin Oriental Miami. .

Interview Heidi Mitchell, Spa Editor for Travel & Leisure Magazine

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Diana talks with Heidi Mitchell, spa editor for Travel & Leisure Magazine about some of the different spas available to travelers and the unique array of amenities they provide.

Online resources:
www.blissworld.com: Bliss Spa, New York City
www.mandarinoriental.com: Mandarin Oriental Miami
www.travelandleisure.com: Travel+Leisure Magazinebr> www.site59.comLast-minute weekend getaways

Music Explorations with Bob Duskis New York & Montreal

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Our world music guide, Bob Duskis of Six Degrees Records in San Francisco, is back with funky sounds from New York that mix Turkish music, jazz and hip-hop, and fun, folk dance music from Montreal.

Click here for more info.

Online Resources:
Six Degrees Records
Wax Poetic, Compilation: To purchase on PRMS.org
Info. on La Bottine Souriante, Dance With Lbs

Sound Travels The bells of Arcosanti, somewhere between Phoenix and Sedona, Ariz.

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On "Sound travels," we travel with our ears as our guide. This week, we go to just outside Scottsdale, Ariz., to Arcosanti. Arcosanti is a prototype community designed by architect Paolo Soleri. His idea is to create a compact, community-oriented city where people walk and talk to each other. Soleri wants to rid the world of urban sprawl and make a place where nature and "the manmade" are completely integrated. We hear "Soleri Bells" that craftspeople fashion to sell as wind chimes to raise money for the project.

Would you like to explore Arcosanti?
www.arcosanti.org: Learn more about Paolo Soleri's utopian vision and browse a variety of hand-crafted bronz bells

SARS Update Checking in with Christy Van Camp

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While the SARS-related death toll has climbed to over 375, with 5,400 cases worldwide, the good news this week is that the number of cases in Hong Kong is actually beginning to drop. And best of all, scientists have sequenced the virus genome, which will help researchers develop drugs and vaccines to treat and prevent SARS. But still, there is cause for concern, as SARS is far from being contained. Host Diana Nyad talks with Christy Van Camp about her recent experiences traveling in China amid the disease.

Online SARS Information:
www.sciencemag.org: The SARS genome sequece

washingtonpost.com: Article: The Mystery Virus: A Guide to Origins, Symptoms and Precautions You Can Take
World Health Organization: Latest info. on SARS virus
www.cdc.gov: SARS info from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
www.healthytravel.com: The Travel Medicine Center

Traveler's Aid with Joe Sharkey

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Joe Sharkey, business travel columnist for The New York Times joins us to talk about his recent visit to the Corporate Travel Managers Association Convention in Las Vegas, what's on the minds of the corporate travel managers these days, and how it's the end of an era for the airlines' desperate, cheap fares due to their losses of billions of dollars since 9/11. He says that if you book now, you can still get astonishing airfares through the summer.

Online resources:
www.nytimes.com: Archive of Joe's articles for the New York Times (registration required)

Deal of the Week Fly to Toronto on the Cheap/Free Caribbean Vacations for Troops!

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Our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, is back with two deals this week: great fares to Toronto on Air Canada and a free Caribbean vacation for U.S. troops serving at home and abroad. Click here to read all the details.

Deal information:
For details on the special Air Canada offer to Toronto, call Air Canada at 888-247-2262, or visit www.aircanada.com

Download the application for the special offer for military personnel at Beaches and Sandals resorts in the Caribbean by visiting www.sandals.com or www.beaches.com. Completed applications must be received by August 9. The vacations (which may begin May 9) are valued at about $2,000 each. Participating resorts are in Jamaica, Antigua, St. Lucia, the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos islands. You are responsible for your own airfare.

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