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Rundown for the Week of February 21, 2003

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Opening Of Show

Patricia Murphy
Alcan 5000 by Patricia Murphy

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Every few years, in late summer, dozens of rally drivers gather in the Pacific Northwest to compete in the Alcan 5000. It starts in Bellevue, Washington, and runs more than 4,000 miles through Canada and Alaska, over the region's most rugged terrain. This year, KUOW's Patricia Murphy rode along and now she tells us the story of the Alcan -- and the daredevils that drive it. Let's just say, this road trip also calls for innovation and successful group dynamics.

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  • www.alcan5000.com: Official Web site for the Alcan 5000
  • rally.racing-live.com/: International enthusiasts' site for all things rally
  • Rally Racing News: Race statistics, rally news, team information...and a lot more
  • Interview with Geoff Dyer: Yoga For People Who Can't Be Bothered to Do It

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    Author Geoff Dyer is a "counter-tourist:" he has traveled all over the world...without ever snapping a photograph. He hates sunsets in exotic places -- too much pressure to enjoy it -- and deplores mass tourism. Instead of visiting the typical sites, he has found the best way to explore a place is to take drugs: he smokes "skunk" in Paris, takes mushrooms in Amsterdam and LSD in Rome. His stories take us all over the world, but focus more on how he sees during his trips rather than what he sees -- although there are times he truly is humbled by what he sees.

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  • Yoga For People Who Can't Be Bothered to Do It: Dyer's book, available at AMAZON.com
  • Fix My Trip: One Listener's Hotel Hell

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    We're launching a new Savvy Traveler segment this week called "Fix My Trip," in which our very own Travel Troubleshooter, Christopher Elliott, renders aid and comfort to travelers in need. So, tell us what happened to you and what you've done to resolve it. Include dates, names and your contact numbers. If we select yours to feature on the show, Christopher will give you a ring. Today's travel horror story: Kimberly Farley in Seattle had a problem with a hotel -- a problem that stems from conflicting views of what "modern" means.

    Do you have a trip that needs fixin'?
    If you've exhausted every possible remedy and still can't resolve your travel problem, we might be able to help. Tell us what happened to you and what you've done to resolve it. Include dates, names and your contact numbers.

    Due to the volume of mail we receive, we're not able to "fix" every trip submitted, but if we select yours to feature on the show, our Travel Troubleshooter, Christopher Elliott, will give you a ring. E-mail us: fixmytrip@savvytraveler.org.


  • www.elliott.org: Christopher Elliott's Web site
  • airconsumer.ost.dot.gov/problems.htm: The DOT's Aviation Consumer Protection Division
  • PlantFeedback.com: Planet Feedback
  • www.loft523.com/: Loft 523

  • Music with Bob Duskis: Sevara Nazarkhan & Bobi Cespedes

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    Bob Duskis, our Savvy Traveler international music guide, travels the world in search of new sounds and introduces us to the music he finds. Bob, the co-founder the Six Degrees Label in San Francisco, talks to us today about two very different musicians: Sevara Nazarkhan, a singer from Uzbekistan who combines the traditions of her Central Asian country with the modern sounds of noted French/Algerian producer Hector Zazou, and Bobi Cespedes, a Yoruba-Lucumi priestess with who mixes funky Afro-Cuban rhythms with modern drum programming.

    Click here for more info. about the artists

  • Six Degrees Records
  • www.realworldrecords.com/: Web site for Sevara Nazarkhan's record label
  • www.sixdegreesrecords.com/: Bobi Cespedes' record label page
  • Bobi Cespedes: Rezos & Sevara Nazarkhan: Yol Bolsin: Links to purchase either CD on PRMS.org
  • Sound Travels: Shiva Festival, Kathmandu, Nepal

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    In February, 2001, Jeff Greenwald found himself in Kathmandu, Nepal, in the middle of one of the biggest parties in the city. An annual festival is held every year in honor of the Hindu god Shiva, recognized as the creator and destroyer of the world. The temple grounds fill with musicians and worshippers who come to honor Shiva and pray that he destroys all the evil in their lives. Jeff took in the colors, the smells and, of course, with mic in hand, the sounds and music.

  • jeffgreenwald.com: This is the Web site for Jeff Greenwald, who recorded this and other segments for The Savvy Traveler
  • Traveler's Aid: Storm Strategies for Travelers

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    First the good news. The monster storm that hammered the Northeast and closed eight airports is over. Runways are cleared. Planes are back in the air. And the tens of thousands of travelers who found themselves stranded have made it back home.

    The bad news is that winter isn't over ... storm season is still here. So what should you do if you find your travel plans disrupted by bad weather? Here to answer that question is our travel expert in residence, Rudy Maxa.

    Click here for more info.

  • fasttrack.flightexplorer.com/: Internet based flight tracking
  • Flytecomm: Real-time flight intelligence
  • trip.com: Flight tracker and other travel resources
  • FAA.gov: The FAA's airport status page
  • www.journeyrest.com: The JourneyRest inflatable garment bag
  • Deal of the Week: Leasing a Car in Europe

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    Renting a car in Europe can be quite expensive. But if you're planning a trip to Europe this year and you'll need a car for 17 days or more, don't rent . . . lease. Click here to read all the details.

  • www.renaultusa.com: Renault Eurodrive or call 800-221-1052
  • www.europebycar.com: Europe By Car or call 800-223-1516
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