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Rundown for the Week of December 22, 2000

This week, you get two hosts for the price of one! That's right. Host Rudy Maxa is joined by The World's Tony Kahn for two consecutive weeks of tag-team Savvy Traveler!

On the Frankincense Trail, Part Four
Legend says the wise men delivered themselves and their aromatic gifts of frankincense and myrrh to Bethlehem by camel. Without these decidedly un-aromatic animals, trade in the fragrances, gold, and other goods of the East would have been impossible. As our trip along the ancient frankincense route continues this week, the Savvy Traveler's Tom Verde climbs aboard one of these many-jointed beasts and picks up the trail.

Alzheimer's in the Family
Photographer Joel Meyerowitz has made a worldwide reputation taking photos of fleeting human moments and gorgeous, timeless landscapes. His book, Cape Light for instance, can transform the way you see Cape Cod. His eye was trained, he said, by his Dad, a clothing salesman, who was always on the lookout for the wonderful ways things can come together. When Alzheimer's started taking his Dad away, Joel realized that, unless he hurried, he'd lose his last chance to see the world through the old man's eyes. He rented a car, drove down to Florida with his grown son, Sasha, and picked up his Dad for a 2,000 mile meander down blue highways to the old family neighborhood in New York . . .Call it a very strange trip with a most unusual guide.

Sounds of the Season
Listen to a Nepalese carol, taped by producer Manisha Aryal, which is not quite what it seems. In fact, like some of the most delightful discoveries in travel, this seemingly familiar holiday song has a meaning of its own. Also, Tatiana Harrison introduces us to the Christo Negro of Peru, and Cash Peters enjoys the pain of ice skating.

Alone in Prague
Prague was Kafka's hometown and after a few days there, you begin to realize he was probably writing from experience. For one thing, the Czechs of Prague always speak in a very soft voice. Before you know it you feel every conversation is full of unknown implications. The subways are strange here, too. There are no turnstiles or ticket takers. You never know when, if ever, you'll confront a stranger who wants to see your ticket and judge if you're an honest man. Also, the steps of the escalator go slightly faster than the arm holds. As you move, you feel yourself slowly stretched to life at a 45 degree angle. Everyone going the other way looks equally askew and surreal. Finally, every citizen in Prague of a certain age has three names: The Czech name they were born with; the German name the Nazis gave them; and the Russian name they got when the Soviets kicked out the Germans. And all these identities are alive, because history here, dead center in the middle of Europe, never dies. Scott Rosenberg went there in search of his own identity and tells us what he found.

Interview: Paris to the Moon
Writer Adam Gopnik went to France five years ago with his wife and young son. He's written a wonderful book about it, called "Paris to the Moon," and he's been wondering what parts of Paris his little boy, Luka, is going to recall.

Deal of the Week: December 22, 2000
Christmas Bargains Help Ring in the New Year

Travelers' Aid
Inside the Inauguration

Rudy's View
Real Trips Never End, Thoughts From Tony Kahn

Next Week

Next time, Rudy will be back as our guide to set sail with a community of cruisers who've made a home for themselves on one of the world's most luxurious cruise ships: the QE-2.

Like almost any route today, the Frankincense Trail had its own tourist traps and "Dune Drop Inns." Tom Verde leads us to them when we wind up our journey next week.

Then, on to a seemingly perfect port of call and all the ways "island paradise" can become a contradiction in terms.

Plus, what to do if you have just days to learn the language of another country. Rudy Maxa has some words of wisdom. It's all coming up next week.

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