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Alzheimer's in the Family

Alzheimer's in the Family
by Joel Meyerowitz

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Our first story begins, in a sense, as a journey to nowhere. Photographer Joel Meyerowitz has made a worldwide reputation taking photos of fleeting human moments and gorgeous, timeless landscapes. His eye was trained, he said, by his Dad, a clothing salesman, who was always on the lookout for the wonderful ways things can come together. When Alzheimer's started taking his Dad away, Joel realized that, unless he hurried, he'd lose his last chance to see the world through the old man's eyes. He rented a car, drove down to Florida with his son Sasha and picked up his Dad for a long, 2,000-mile meander down blue highways to the old home neighborhood of New York. Call it a very strange trip with a most unusual guide. Listen in.

You can see Joel's documentary of his journey, called Pop, at film festivals and occasionally on Public TV.


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