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Rundown for the Week of October 13, 2000

The Skeena
Our first trip today may seem a little mundane by comparison-but we all go places every day, right? I mean, you don't always consider your journey to work, to the market, or to the next town over as "a voyage." But Jeff Lunden, a New Yorker, has found a three-times-a-week commuter train, in Canada, that's worth traveling to.

Japanese Crossing
Writer Sharon Moshavi lives in Tokyo*and if you've ever been there and seen the ultra-trendy kids shuffling from store to store in the Shibuya district, you know that Japanese teenagers take fashion and style very seriously. Now Sharon, by her own admission, is not one of these kids. I'm not saying she has no style at all*but nevertheless, when I asked her to go out and find Tokyo's trendiest corner, I didn't know what she'd come back with. As it turns out, I was right: knowing what's in and what's out is a mystery for Sharon. But knowing where to find it is another matter entirely.

Thai Elephant Ride
Traveling is often more about contingency than planned itinerary*even a trip to somewhere you've been before can turnin into a voyage of discovery. Why, somethimes, even the ground you walk on can literally be transformed by the changing of a season.

Madras Traffic
The limitless bounds of the human spirit intrigue us all. We read philosophy, great works of fiction ... argue the meaning of life in bars. Ordinary, everyday events can be symbolic anywhere, but especially when you're in a country like India.

Interview: Dave Brubeck
Jazz composer and pianist Dave Brubeck is know across the globe for his decades of innovative jazz piano. His most famous tune being "Take Five," recorded back in 1959. Now the life of a musician-any musician-is tough. Months on the road at a stretch, hotels if you're lucky and enjoy a little success, otherwise it's cheap motels-or worse, sleeping on the bus.

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Dirt Cheap Adventure

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Culture Watch
Korea's Andong Mask Festival

Next Week

The Reality of Culture: I mean, we all have ideas about what is and isn't "culture." ... Opera vs., say, rap music. Cathedrals vs. strip malls. Well next week we're pushing the envelope even further ... when we travel to Silicon Valley in search of some kind of "authentic" experience.

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